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  • Laws Of Reason - Sanctity
    "Within the screaming system a burning fever hides Temperature rises in a sea of bodies in the depths the pressure boils Uncontrollable chaos, madness in the mob Look at the faces around you, collective"
  • Down By Law - Madball
    "You wake up every morning In this living hell Not knowing that You're worst enemy is me You never know what can happen Within this cell Betrayal is what I feel Revenge is what I seek No hesitation, no"
  • Law Of Emotions - Kingdom Come
    "Every time I see your pretty face I keep thinking, am I just your slave Holding on, holding on, that is all I can do Every time we get into a fight. You start crying and run out like a child Holding on,"
  • Law And Order - Rage
    "Watch out, they're on the loose They creep into your privacy, lurk in all corners for you Justice - that's what they scream But can they find verdicts on me while they're corrupt like... Shit, I don't"
  • Breaking The Law - Unleashed
    "Originally performed by Judas Priest The road was completely wasting Out of working down All inside it's so first rating As I turn in town in town Fill that nobody care Is darling watch out Nothing could"
  • Breakin' The Law - N2U
    "Whatchu doin' right now? I'm a come pick you up Yeah, let's go for a ride We're gonna break the law Tryna do 65, baby but cha body won't let me Cause you're so damn tight And I wanna cross the double"
  • Above He Law - Barbra Streisand
    "This is me talking to you Tell me what your heart can do? Take me by surprise, whatever you see You'll never be alone with me I close or open the door Telling you that less is more You cannot disguise"
  • Law And Order - Stiff Little Fingers
    "Everybody's down in the centre of town Doing nothing wrong we're only hangin' around They put you up against the wall Make loud mouthed jokes just to make you feel small Laugh at your appearance and the"
  • Fuck The Law - Dead Prez
    "(feat. RBG Family, The , Stic) Slap a white boy. Snuff your landlord Smash some windows. Break the camcord Rob the corner store. Bomb the precinct Take the CO. Stab the GT Pimp the system. Bang for"
  • I got law - Blur
    "Feeling daft beyond gone bland Made it to the goal on lense President, he just got hair down below Tomorrow never more? Made it to the BCP Everybody knows it?s me I got up another sand, The guilty cell"

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