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one direction what make your beatiful

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one direction what make your beatiful
  • Ne-Yo What
    "She wanted the money The fame The brand names And fancy cars She left a hard working man behind For a fellow with a championship ring See heres the thing about dating a superstar She was one of like eight"
  • Juice What
    "Ha ha Thats nasty, fa sho Wha? Uh-uh You dont want it with me dog, nope (hook) See the North holds the government Niggas that I bubble with You bet that I'ma double it See I'm on some other shit Dough,"
  • Public Enemy What What
    "(feat. Flavor Flav) When flav starts to get busy Grabbin the mic and they say who is he Cock deezal breakdown like bill bixbie When i think, yo i think in 360 Gimme the mic an ima solve all mystery I"
  • Amanda Perez Make Me Feel
    "Yeah, oh you make me feel. You make me feel good inside. You look into my eyes. I always try to hide my tears, but you always see my cries, always see my cries. Just one kiss on my lips and this love I"
  • Fabolous Make U Mine
    "(feat. Mike Shorey) Yeah, Uh I know I make you wanna leave the one you with But I ain't Usher Raymond I'm the kid that they rush to blamin' For the crush they claimin' Who can make em' blush the same"
  • Pet Shop Boys One & One Make Five
    "(tennant/lowe) ----------------- Have you heard the news? Everybody's asking who Is that man you've been seen with And why I'm never out with you Please, tell me that you love me Sort out this confusion Say"
  • Black Oak Arkansas To Make Us What We Are
    "Work all day, party all night tryin our best just to make things right the stars are turnin and the world is burnin this fire's just a justice flight Bring you to our hearts throw you to the sky all"
  • Swirl 360 Heaven Is What You Make It
    "Everybody knows there's a heaven We just don't know where it is It's true, it's true When you looked at me last night I saw an angel in your eyes It's you, it was you I hoped and prayed I would find"
  • Peter Gabriel Make Tomorrow
    "Put on the dress in which you were married Pull down the veil til your eyes are hid Can you remember where we both came from Let us do as we did Look at tomorrow today Making tomorrow today Making tomorrow"
  • DMX Life Is What You Make It
    "Yo ill will, ruff ryders what what, sraight like that You a killer or a hustler, dealer or customer Gangsta or buster, youngster or old nigga A weed head, a coke sniffer You rich or a broke nigga"

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