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otchlan namietnosci online

  • Download It - Clea
    "(Download, download, download, download) We're miles away and my heart beats fast And I miss you so bad, I won't last So we'll boot it up and I'll wait for the sign It's telling me, babe, we're online Connection's"
  • Everybody dance now - Snap
    "Everybody Dance now ... Everybody Dance now ... Give me the music Give me the music Everybody Dance now ... Everybody Dance now ... Yeah ... Yeah ... Yeah Everybody Dance now ... Yeah ... Yeah ... Yeah Everybody"
  • Gimb Money (prod. młodyGrzech) - TEDE
    "Ta historia jest prawdziwa Czasem nie rozumiem świata i tych wszystkich jego dziwactw Postawa niegodziwa sprawdziła się nieraz, oddaj Paręset kilometrów od nas trwa wojna online Dvb-t dekoduje TVP info"
  • Sooner Or Later (Walkin' On Air) - The Moody Blues
    "Walk on the water Swim with the life tide Clear away the storm clouds Oohh ... You got to Roll with the punches Shelter from the weather Have no fear of the darkness Sooner or later oohh ... Sooner or"
  • Microchip Girl - Self
    "my girl she's on the ill tip exercised her right to forfeit and rust a bit her brain's like a microchip now its a day in the life of a space cadet that a mother calls daughter and just follow the instructions and"
  • There's A War Going On For Your Mind - Flobots
    "There's a war going on for your mind Media mavens mount surgical strikes from trapper keeper collages and online magazine racks Cover girl cutouts throw up pop-up ads Infecting victims with silicone shrapnel Worldwide"
  • Overload - Uriah Heep
    "Tonight you're going to Overload your mind Move into another world There for you online A high speed chase that Leads to the unknown Time will disappear so fast For you and you alone A universe in isolation Feeding"
  • Guilty - Kid Rock
    "I turned my 15 minutes into 10 long years I made a million just from drinking beers I got a jet just from touching these frets So if my ego gets out of check I guess I'm guilty Uh uh uh I said I'm guilty I"
  • This Sound - Substance D
    "it tells you secrets it tells you lies it's systemAtic it's synthesized A stAte of mind mAde in A lAb experimentAl thAt's whAt i Am A quAntum leAp into the mind i interAct i go online i feel rejected i"
  • I Don't Know - Elemeno P
    "would you still love me if we lived in the same country and i wouldn't feel so alone if you had a telephone for you, to call, me on or go, online, and know, you're fine i really want to talk to you already"

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