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  • Regular People - Pantera
    "Empty and sweating Head lying in your hands Shaking in the corner Done too much alcohol Gotta get away from it all 'Cause it feels my blood is freezing My self insanity has taken its toll Frustration had"
  • Respect - Pantera
    "Can't you see im easily I'm bothered by persistence, One step from lashing out at you, You wanted to get under my skin, And call yourself friend, I've got more friends like you, What do I do? Is there"
  • The Badge - Pantera
    "Scrape it, grind it, peel it, hide it The trend is over and gone forever Shelf it, box it, save it, frame it You won't need that anymore, it's on sale at the dollar store Waste of time, pantomime,"
  • We'll Gring That Axe For A Long Time - Pantera
    "Wears ten crowns, dragons heads Southern are the sons, Lords unmatched - Their eyes don't look right, should they be trusted now? Trashed-mouth Gods, avoided kings With the spirit of revolt, the ghost"
  • Revolution Is My Name - Pantera
    "68' into the world born And the Seventies, a breath after the war Life was confusing because of my age Should my eyes open for tomorrow's gains? I can't help the way I am There's no trust and there's no"
  • I'll Cast A Shadow - Pantera
    "The end will crush the light And sends a message, It won't please The naked eye Without and end there is no light To foretell, to blind you The law of the claw reigns on and after still When I die, I"
  • Goddamn Electric - Pantera
    "There is a part of me that's always sixteen I've found the secret of eternal youth Some get high on life or money, but there's an Escape, drop out of the race. To walk through the world by ones self, you"
  • Hole In The Sky - Pantera
    "I'm looking through a hole in the sky I'm seeing nowhere through the eyes of a lie I'm getting closer to the end of the line I'm living easy where the sun doesn't shine I'm living in a room without any"
  • Hellbound - Pantera
    "Eliminate, the life decline... I've paid the masters with blood and hunger ...And it's not for sale by any stretch. It's like religion without a Bible And the Dragon lives inside my mouth And it speaks"
  • Yesterday Don't Mean Shit - Pantera
    "There's nothing special about it It's either there when you're born or not Gifted with talent are no big deal Welcome to the death of a century... Cause yesterday don't mean shit What's over is over and"

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