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  • Boys Nite Out - Marvelous 3
    "(b. walker, j. harte, d. child) Dudes get on your duds. We're shootin' down the sun. This will be the night, The boys are gonna run. Buckle up your booties. Cus' we are gonna ride. Nothin' gonna shake"
  • Boys Don’t Cry - Natalia Kills
    "I'll be yours tonight, But don't hold me too tight When we say goodbye Remember, boys don't cry. I wanna love you in the worst way baby You gotta kiss me just to taste a little danger Can you take it? I"
  • Row, boys row - Richard Thompson
    "Feel that sting across your back and Row, Boys, Row Dont wait for the whip to crack and Row, Boys, Row Is it wise to be moaning when the Captain comes? Tip your hat and get grinning though youre worn to"
  • Boys With Girlfriends - Meiko
    "when i first met you i knew you were the one till you took me home and i met her she had your boxers on she was listening to your song and i thought right then that you had everything but i knew"
  • Tough Little Boys - Gary Allan
    "Well I never once, backed down from a punch. Well I'd take it square on the chin. And I found out fast a bully's just that, And you've got to stand up to him. So I didn't cry when I got a black eye, As"
  • Join The Boys - Joan Armatrading
    "Are you for or against us We are trying to get somewhere Looking around for a helping hand We're doing our best to keep it steady But it's falling down around us Blows keep coming fast and strong I done"
  • The Carter Boys - Tom T. Hall
    "The Carter boys were born one after another in a little old country place I was the last and the death of my mother and I know it was a pretty bad trade We'd get to drinking and I'd do the singing, they"
  • Tattooed Love Boys - The Pretenders
    "I ran twenty doors, Around the house, black and blue Between love boys Tore my knees up getting tattooed Cause I needed, to find out what the thing was for Been reading, a man time came to explore. I went"
  • Boys Night Out - Timothy B. Schmit
    "(Timothy B. Schmit/Will Jennings/Bruce Gaitsch) They're in the heat in the heart of the city Big wind out of Mexico There's a girl, wants it bad as me And I'll be right there when she lets go. So let"
  • Bad Boy This Bad Boy That - Bad Boy's Da Band
    "Bad Boy's Da Band Miscellaneous Bad Boy This Bad Boy That Bad boy baby, we the last standin' check the records, check the score. Da Band, the next generation of Bad Boy, c'mon I'm back and I'm hittin'"

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