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  • Somebody Else's Princess - Russell Crowe & 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts
    "(Cochran/Crowe) Red hair deep blue eyes My baby gets me so good She got the franchise Take me away She takes me up Feed my needs Keeps me sharp Keeps me pumped I'm splitting out my skin She's got me"
  • The Warrior Princess - Sinergy
    "Born unto fire and passion a warrior princess to be the maiden hero in her prime earning her nobility Rebellion and rage were all she knew in the time before he chivalry malevolence fading away on the"
  • Punky princess 4 - Avril Lavigne
    "saw you at the mall Trying on the clothes In that little blue stall I was watching your feet Then a piece of cheese hit the floor Ohhh yeah Floor Chorus:I'm just a punk princess Trying to make it"
  • My Little Princess - Underscore
    "From day to day you fade away, and nothing you do makes things better. I try and try to make things right, but tape can't hold our hearts together. I see you now i see you then. What part of over cant"
  • Just A Princess - Evil Superstars
  • Umigongju (Graceful Princess) - Lee Soo Young
    "Nunmuri hansumi gudeyege hullo gagil jo barami jo dalbichi guderul hyanghagil Jogumshig gudeyege dagaga gu maum hundulmyon nega momurul su issulka harura hedo jamshirado gyothe dugo shiphunde Gude gu"
  • Princess of Twilight - Embraced
    "My blood I gave to thee my love So pale and beautiful My creature of the night Darkness calls you to me Enchanting eyes cold as ice Looking right through me My soul you took away Kisses filled me, emptying"
  • Dark princess naamah - Therion
    "In my deepest mood Hear my call for you O' Mighty One My protector above Let me share your sights Take me far away Let me ride with you on the back Of the Red Great Dragon I am Daemon Tabaan Hear my call"
  • Murder Princess op - Hikari Sasosou
    "Tsuyoku te wo nigirishime ta Ano hi kara nani mo kawari hashinai sa Tsukame sou de todo ka nai hikari wo Kono me de nuritsubusu made wa Ude ni maki tsuku mic code de hanatsu flow douda furikireru hari"
  • Punk rock princess. - Something Corporate
    "Maybe when the room is emptyMaybe when the bottle's fullMaybe when the door gets broke down love can break inMaybe when I'm done with thinkingMaybe you can think me wholeMaybe when I'm done with endings"

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