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prze������roczym ������r������de������kiem zap������aka������a ska������a

  • Pre-release - Ian Gillan Band
    "Cast no shadow on the groundScream and there is not a soundYou can be free when you're with meIf I'm not me who can I beWatching in the darkest nightWhen you cast your opal lightYou go away during the"
  • O Pre - Roberta Miranda
    "Melhor me calar Ficar em silncio Sentir só voc Pegar uma estrada No pensar em nada Tentar te esquecer Te peo desculpas No tua culpa Te querer tanto assim Perdo pelos meus desejos Os meus desconcertos To"
  • Neat Parts - Fucked Up
    "empty words backed by empty symbols cover up empty promises obscure the whole truth so i've tried to listen empty slogans they just fall on my left and deaf ear and now i think i've got it figured"
  • Private Parts - Salty Onion
    "All this talk about human rights. Pro-choice, Pro-life, all these fights. But honey when you hit the lights, I know it's one of those nights You say . . . Chorus: Pull down your pants, pull down your"
  • Sonic Parts - Khoiba
    "How i get rid of this sound Like sun is dripping down on the ground Now i know I'll take a pin To find out what you hide Under your skin To find in you What you hide 'Cause sometimes you heart is small"
  • Pre-Sense - Atrox
    "If my senses won't come to me I better come to my senses But I can't I'm too scared of being scared Like saving cancer-mice from labs Or half-eaten flies from cobwebs No sense of reality Or of concequence Come"
  • Pre-Medicated Murder - No Use For A Name
    "More times than five I've been right here by your side Still Wondering....Where did you go? Walk down the hall in a mental menacle Don't want to be 'round When you take yourself out But I have more"
  • Zap City - The Cult
    "Indian's bones are crushed to dust On the road to Zap City Devil's slow to recognize whether we all live in Zap City Young girls flock to the beaches Checkin out boys, checking out creatures Pacify, sanctify"
  • Me Parto Los Dientes - Pignoise
    "Desde este instante ya me da igual ya nunca podr tocar lo que tuve ante mis pies. No hay signos claros de negación sucumbo a la tentación ya no dispongo de fe. (ESTRIBILLO) Y mido mis palabras y aun as"
  • Capim Mexeu,pau Na Pre - Toni Francis
    "Essa morena t me dando mole No cochila sanfoneiro,mete a mo no fole Antes de danar com ela,vou tomar um gole E depois la no cantinho quero lhe falar Eu t parado no jeitinho dela T querendo ela toda"

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