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  • The Big Beat - Fats Domino
    "The big beat keep you rockin' in yo' seat The big beat keep you rockin' in your sleep Clap yo' hands and stomp yo' feet You got to move when you hear this beat The big beat keep you rockin' in your seat Old"
  • Along For The Ride - River City High
    "Youe shifting gears again Youe changing lanes I looking for street names But theye all the same Wee headed for dead ends And one way streets So Il just sit back And let things be Youe falling"
  • Stick shifts and safety belts - Cake
    "Stick shifts and safety belts Bucket seats have all got to go When I'm driving in my car It makes my baby seem so far I need you here with me Not way over in a bucket seat I need you to be here with me"
  • Detroit Swing City - Cherry Poppin' Daddies
    "I'm feelin tired on a Saturday 9'o clock the radio is the only light I hear my song and it puts me through Fists so strong tell me what i got to do (I got to) (GET UP!)-Everybodys gonna leave their seat (GET"
  • Please Dear - Faster Pussycat
    "Baby All I wanted was a change Lisa I never wanted you to go that far away Then ya had to go and leave me sittin' All alone, oh baby how I miss ya so And I'm so damn tired of thinkin' She wiped the tears"
  • Driving This Car Head First Into A Wall - Until The End
    "With the concrete to my back, i finally feel free. I have only one problem, You're in the passenger seat. I'm never looking back again, i've failed enough before. Only one more problem before i go and"
  • Black Magic - Portugal. The Man
    "Children come in, find a seat you're sure to do. lengths of snakes, they match each silent syllable Hello. You missed the sparrows mark... A breath of rockets shone like torches. So children come in find"
  • Four Fingered Fisherman - Sun Kil Moon
    "You're in the back seat and you say to yourself "it doesn't matter anyway" Weeds pulling weeds and your Blaming yourself We're all indifferent in our own ways You're in trouble now and you say to yourself "My"
  • Brekkan - Benni Hemm Hemm
    "Upp bratta brekku mótvindi gngum vi tv Sitjum svo saman me sprungnar varir riggja manna stól grnum gari vi hsi okkar sitjum vi tv riggja manna stól || ==English Translation== Up a steep hill in"
  • Concrete Seconds (Demo) - Pinback
    "Sitting at a bus stop Trying to take my shoes off, But my laces are all knots and you Looking for an answer to an old question So easy I can't explain it And everything I say to you will probably come"

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