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second impact

  • Second Wind - Darryl Worley
    "There's an old friendly breeze that blows In the Gulf of Mexico Somehow it always knows When I'm feeling low So I'm gonna anchor down Wait til it comes around Leave the rest of the world behind Yeah that's"
  • One Second - Tegan & Sara
    "I cram it in I try my best to scream And when I find myself outside your house I'm trying hard to figure where you're at Oh oh oh I just need a second I feel the burn inside my inner thigh I feel the"
  • Second Sight - Placebo
    "Walk away to save your face You never were a genius Walk away to save your face You let it come between us Walk away to save your face You never were a genius Walk away to save your face You never were,"
  • Second Go - Lights
    "How many times will the clock go around How many times can my hands hit the ground How many coffins before there's a crown How far will I fall 'til the alarm sounds How come you love me when I am ugly Guess"
  • Second Sight - Speedealer
    "nothing is ever the way you think it be i shit down the neck of reality time and space bend in eternal dance i see all before it is created flow on through, unceasing second sight it's all for you to"
  • Second Skin - Gits
    "I've thought about it a million times It takes all my strength just to keep it calm I hove to tell myself, just let it breathe holding it inside will only help to do me in Each time I close my eyes I see"
  • Second chance - Obituary
    "God is the wicked way, of your second chance!The gods searchin' heads of death!The crippling man wants you dead!The final cries are due!The certain heads of death!The final cries are due!God is the wicked"
  • Second Chances - George Strait
    "Man don't you know This woman you want and crave Is the queen of my kingdom When she walks through the garden Roses drop pedals To cushion the foot steps she takes I know she once loved you And I know"
  • Second Chances - Eligh
    "You get a second chance to live A second chance to die A second chance to try to fall in love A second chance to change the choice you made A second chance to serenade Livin' in a body shell you desecrated Second"
  • Second Sunday - Jessica Andrews
    "Monday mornings are bittersweet Just like the coffee in my cup Its what you need but not enough Here without warning, another week Id rather crawl back into bed And lie with you all day instead Everyone"

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