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selena gomez -come getit

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selena gomez -come getit
  • Gomez Extra Special Guy
    "Well how do you do? Do you like the look of me and you together? So take me out. Spill a little drink on your lap She said to me so deep inside I'm thinkin' that I'm an extra special guy Takin'"
  • Gomez There It Was
    "There it was Something beautiful There it was Something wonderful Someone lying on my pillow Someone knocking at my door Here she comes Here she comes There it was Something beautiful There"
  • Gomez Revolutionary Kind
    "Keep on kicking shit, keep running off the rails Keep on picking the dirt from 'neath your fingernails 'Cause I'm not worried about your state of mind 'Cause you're not the revolutionary kind Keep"
  • Gomez Bring It On
    "If I was inordinately different Than what you say I'd lie, I would lie If you could release me now You know that I won't hesistate To lie, I would lie Bring it on, make it right Bring it on, to"
  • Gomez Blind
    "You're stuck with me and I can never see it changing Do you believe this mess is getting any better? Will you ride it out with me? I can't see what it is I should or shouldn't be doing Time and time"
  • Gomez Tanglin
    "A-one, two, three, what you tanglin' with me for? Believe me, 'cause baby I won't lie A-five, six, seven, only girls go to heaven If you leave me, then baby I won't die 'Cause if they say that you're"
  • Gomez Butterfly
    "Be the only one to know and be my alibi Put on all the things you wore and wear them out We'll collide before you know and I apologise For shutting up and leaving slow when I'm around I'll be right in"
  • Gomez Big Man
    "Feed fear You sit and watch it grow Are you afraid of being alone? Eyes a cold sweat And shivers to your bones Don't let a rotten seed be sowed All the world would like to play with you You hide inside"
  • Gomez Mississippi Boweevil Blues
    "He sees a little boweevil, sees him movin' in the, Lordie, yeah Well you can plant your cotton but you won't get a half a bale, mama, yeah Bo weevil, bo weevil, where's your native home, mama, yeah? Bo"
  • Gomez Love Is Better Than A Warm Trombone
    "Love is better than a warm trombone when blown Softer by a two tone brother Down on luck by chance Caress the head to find the boogaloo trance With his hands in his pocket he could not lie With his"

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