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shoot animation

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shoot animation
  • Stone Roses Shoot You Down
    "You know it You show it And the time has come To shoot you down What a sound When the day is done And it all works out I'd love to do it and you know you've always had it coming You know it You show it And"
  • 22-20s Shoot Your Gun
    "spin me some sad story sell me some excuse to help me understand the things you do 'cause the way you treat your lovers well I just can't relate well where'd you learn to shoot your gun so straight? oh"
  • Super Furry Animals Shoot Doris Day
    "Shoot Doris Day Out of the way In the pouring rain Sentimentality pause As Jimmy Stewart ignores Her question People never stay the same It's a fight between the wild and tame I've some feelings that"
  • Norah Jones Shoot The Moon
    "The summer days are gone too soon You shoot the moon And miss completely And now you're left to face the gloom The empty room that once smelled sweetly Of all the flowers you plucked if only You knew"
  • Turk Cock Aim Shoot
    "Nigga this that gangsta shit If you a gangsta you gon feel this,you understand this for my niggas who be totin that motherf**kin metal you understand, in any kind of weather, ya heard me its going"
  • Holy Mother Shoot The News
    "Gotta bet your reputations on it I don't ever wanna die alone Headlines, deadlines Gotta shoot the news Gonna make the news I just came from boredom town Like a hand-me-down From a foreign ground I know,"
  • O.G.C. Shoot To Kill
    "New York , word up , check it out, wanna let yall know why we here tonight, and all the ladies, for real y'all throw it up, word up, yo why we came tonight, and all the niggas, for real, word up, this"
  • Pepper Point And Shoot
    "I'm exactly where I want to be Like a thief inside a robbery Listening to pirate radio Imagine that I'm in the show Empty sky but I'm still composed Take some time for these sexy episodes where Pussy licking,"
  • Agnostic Front Shoot His Load
    "Minding his own business Riding subway trains Got ripped off twice Ain't gonna happen again Withdrew a hundred dollars Bought himself a piece Can't depend on anyone He's his own police Fourteenth Street"
  • Bloodlet Shoot The Pigs
    "For none of these fuckers will ever know, what I think as I go. No... no not one last time. Not for me not for you. Not for what I find may scare me more than if I stayed blind. I've shot the pig. I've"

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