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somthing 8i need

  • I Need This - Jessie J
    "Stop, where am I? Shock, I can't cry Pop, I need some space No, this isn't me Go, please let me breathe I'll be back sooner than you know I need this space Just like you need air I need this time Time"
  • I Need You - Tommy Lee
    "I need you I need so much I need you Get me out of this place I need you With the lightning this close I can see There so much in this world make believe And this ticking clock isn't for me And still"
  • I Need Love - Sixpence None the Richer
    "I left my conscience like a crying child Locked the door behind me put the pain on file Broken like a window I see my blindness now I need love Not some sentimental prison I need God Not the political"
  • What You Need - The Fall
    "How can I? How can I? How can I? Get up, make a buck Get up, make a buck My race was bred on hash My race was bred on hash Get up, make a buck, Get up, make a buck. The stolen dark Please don't (muffled)."
  • You Need Me - Dechant Anne E
    "You need a lot of hope You need a whole whole lot of hope When you were young you didn't get much of anything When you were young you could have used me You need me. You need me. You need me You you you"
  • I need adventure - G.G. Allin
    "Well I need adventure, yes I do, I need adventure every dayGotta have fast cars, wild women, gotta have my fun and play all dayI need a wild woman, I need a girl to go down on meYea, I need adventure,"
  • I need you - America
    "We used to laughWe used to cryWe used to bow our heads thenWonder whyBut now you're goneI guess I'll carry onAnd make the best of what you left to meLeft to me, left to meI need youLike the flower needs"
  • Feel The Need - Bryan Ferry
    "(Tilman) See how I'm walkin' See how I'm talkin' Notice everything in me Feel the need, feel the need in me. I need you by my side To be my guide See my arms are open wide Feel the need, feel the need"
  • I Need You - Relient K
    "I've dug up miles and miles of sand Searching for something I can't see And I've just got bruised and battered hands And a brand new void inside of me Complete with walls I did create From all the earth"
  • Don't need love - Grateful Dead
    "I dont need love anymore, i dont need love anymore,I dont need anyone to tell me that i doI dont need love and i dont need you.I try and i try to make it work,I try and i try to make it workI try and i"

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