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Teksty piosenek (1838)


  • Temple Of The Mental - Killah Priest
    "Time... come... Wake up... what?... wake up.. I can't get up yet What we have here is the experiment (My eyes, I can't see) It's called the 6 million dollar man (I can't see) He has the speed of a cheetah The"
  • Temple Of The Sea - Metal Church
    "The pages turn themselves as if to speak to me A vision not so civilized a sight no one has seen A king who's fate is sealed by prophecy and pain Modern man knows nothing, it's time I board my train The"
  • 4 In The Temple - Witchdoctor
    "(feat. Big Gipp, T-Mo, Phoenix) Gotta get on my job Take it back to the warehouse Plot back in A late night escape, hit me on the script On the hip, gotta dip Hollering, calling me out like a Girl"
  • Temple Of Everlasting Light - Kula Shaker
    "Tattva, acintya bheda bheda tattva (4 times) Like the flower and the scent of summer like the sun and the shine Well the truth may come in strange disguises send a message to your mind Tattva, acintya"
  • Love is a temple - Joana Zimmer
    "Well I love your little smile, every time makes me wild Im just a believer, I believe in you and me here were walking hand in hand in a bernadotte land words sure come easy, carried by the breeze in July"
  • The Temple Of Sagal - Yearning
    "Look to window and reach the eyes that stare to the sky The snow falls so softly... It buries the garden All prepared for the winter, thou have sowed your seeds The yearning glance to hills, these thoughts"
  • Temple From The Within - Killswitch Engage
    "make me feel serenity when all is revealed so easy to look back in life and question but i must seek to find the strength to push forward i want to see what's so beautiful inside as we drink of life eternal absolve"
  • Temple Of Love (Extended Version) - Sisters Of Mercy
    "With the fire from the fireworks up above me With a gun for a lover and a shot for the pain at hand You run for cover in the temple of love You run for another but still the same For the wind will blow"
  • Temple Of The Lost Race - Septic Flesh
    "Preserved from the ancient years when Earth was just a newborn star The proof of a distant truth arrogantly stands mocking the wind guarding mysteries that man has not unchained. An emblem of power has"
  • The Temple Of The Holy - Axel Rudi Pell
    "Gone with the wind and home is far away from me There's no one way to see Haunted by ghosts the evil force of mystery No way out for you and me The end of the time, they're the end of the line (They're)"

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