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  • Anybody Killa Thoughts Of Suicide
    "Hey man you alright Nope I seen how your ol girl comin down on u Yea What happened? Ur pops find out u lost that job and shit Mmm hmm Well don't worry homie, parents be like that sometimes. it's like they"
  • The Byrds Thoughts And Words
    "One day you came into my mind And everything looked as though It was all mine. Loveliness to gaze upon To feel your magic Pulling me away. I thought I was on top of it all. Everyone else was so small. And"
  • Amber Pacific Thoughts Before Me
    "So why should I take your hand when you can't promise happy endings? It's starting to get old That story yet untold Reflect before we walk into What we already know Won't be so easy Looking back at high"
  • John Mayall Thoughts About Roxanne
    "I call her on the telephone But she is hardly ever home I know she's gotten a lovin' man And so I see her when I can Roxanne will always be my friend And that's the way I'll keep her love I think she's"
  • Gary Numan Thoughts No. 2
    "Sometimes I feel I live like a prisoner But I don't know If this really is pressure Surprise you win I'm lost as screamers roll in Sometimes I feel Like leaving this room I'm in Faded film people dropping"
  • Project Pitchfork Thoughts And Fear
    "Sitting in the grass The sunlight kisses the skin Birds singing in the sky You breathe the air Feel the love And warm winds are Playing with your hair Wake up The appearance is treacherous If you are"
  • Blindside Thoughts Like Flames
    "I hear you So don't you say another word Here you are standing there crushing yourself I'm near you But my eyes see a different world Now here you are, standing there Breaking my heart as you're crushing"
  • Autumn Crown Of Thoughts
    "Filling this world with a gloomy gaze While living in an absorbing haze A deep grey lake is all they see Focussed on what will come and what will be What will be shall come at last And knowing what will"
  • Rilo Kiley Three Hopeful Thoughts
    "All this talk of your sweet girlfriend is startin' to pay off and the charms that she got from travel are startin' to wear off and i heard that you smiled tonight watching the last of your friends arrive you"
  • Skyfire Conjuring The Thoughts
    "Towards the line that separates life from death Marching towards the freedom that you think you will win Heroes behind cowardly creations gives no respect Sleepless lie the enemies awaiting the next move A"

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