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vertical horizon

  • Better When You're Not There - Vertical Horizon
    "It's good to see your face in the morning It helps me to face the day I see you lighting candles As I turn away I want you, I need you in a way that confuses me but it's good to hold you but it's better"
  • Can't Be All Wrong - Vertical Horizon
    "It is fire it is lightning It is real it is frightening Who will come who will go Who'll be the last to know Who is there when you're fighting And I am here, now Oh and I don't know if the feeling is"
  • Down To You - Vertical Horizon
    "All these restless feelings, tied up in my head Hiding somewhere like a bomb beneath my bed So much silent motion, always spinning me 'round Twisted up inside this memory-go-'round I believe it all comes"
  • Fall From The Sun - Vertical Horizon
    "Look at me, I'm an automatic Look at me, I'm magnetic Look at me, I'm careful not to let it show Look at me Look at me, I'm an aeroplane Look at me, I'm so in vain Look at me, I'm flying high and cracking"
  • Glass Waltz - Vertical Horizon
    "She knows the fear in the eyes of a child He wants to soar through the air She's only now just beginning to rise Part of him's already there She tried to capture the wind in a box To liven up her rainy"
  • Long Lost - Vertical Horizon
    "I know it's been a long road To get these towns behind me and I Will gladly reap what we may sow I am There for you, there for me Pictures and photographs Memories and windows Goodbyes and epitaphs Heartbeats"
  • One Time Around - Vertical Horizon
    "I'll close your eyes I'll try to find you Into the light I'll be behind you It's just a touch It may not be the answer It's all you've got And I may not be too tender Just this one time around"
  • Over - Vertical Horizon
    "I am here wide awake again This fear is something I call a friend Hello again It's been a while since I saw you here I don't remember you say goodbye no Chorus: It don't matter it's over Here"
  • Promise Of Tomorrow - Vertical Horizon
    "I am standing here again, a waterfall around me Memories in the wind, pushing me softly Inches from the end, the voices go And greet it like a friend, the darkness of tomorrow It's a long way, down here It's"
  • Slow In Time - Vertical Horizon
    "Come to me, pull me up again Reach through me, wrap me in your grin I will wash you, I will lay you down Innocence you, let me see your self Dancing slow in time, time Falling forward and watching Dancing"

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