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  • Full-Time Video Girl - Dreadlock Pussy
    "Picture perfect groomed to a t Positively and utterly empty See the vultures on their knees groveling before their queen She looks real nice like a shiny perfect thing Blinking on the edge of your sight And"
  • Be In My Video - Frank Zappa
    "Frank Zappa (vocals) Ike Willis (background vocals) Ray White (background vocals) Napoleon Murphy Brock (background vocals) Bobby Martin (saxophone, falsetto) Brad Cole (piano) Scott Thunes (bass) Chad"
  • Champagne (Dirty/Video Version) - Chris Rock
    "(feat. Kool Rock Ski) [( ) = Bluff Daddy aka Chris Rock] [{ } = female background vocals] (Ladies and gentlemen, I am the Bluff Daddy. And this is a Black Boy exclusive. Black Boy make ya jump for joy,"
  • Purple Pills (Video Edit) - D-12
    "I've been so many places I've seen so many faces But nothing compares To these blue and yellow purple hills I climbed the highest mountain Once or twice but who's countin' But nothing compares To these"
  • Tribute (Music Video Version) - Tenacious D
    "(Intro Role Play) JACK: This is it, Buddy KYLE: What? This is the awesome recording studio where we're gonna record our album? JACK: It's a studio, it says it on the door! It's official studio! KYLE:"
  • Rocket (Visualize Video Edit) - Def Leppard
    "''Of hopeless night, will you love me'' '' '' Ahhh... oooh... White light, strange city, mad music All around Midnight, street magic, crazy people Crazy sound Ahhh... oooh... Jack Flash, Rocket Man Sergeant"
  • Fat Lip (Video Version) - Sum 41
    "Intro: Neva the less am i dressed for the occasion Its number 32 not the other situation But if the beat moves your feet then dont change the station pack your bags cause we're leaving on a permanent"
  • Slow Motion (Video Edit) - Juvenile
    "Chorus: Soulja Slim] Slow motion for me, slow motion for me, move it slow motion for me Slow motion for me, slow motion for me, move it slow motion for me Uh I like it like that she working that back I"
  • Just Lose It (video) - Eminem
    "Guess who's back Back again Shady's back Tell a friend Now everyone report to the dance floor To the dance floor, to the dance floor Now everyone report to the dance floor Alright Stop - Pajama"
  • Eternal Flame (Video Edit) - Atomic Kitten
    "Call my name Call my name (call my name) Call my name (call my name) Close your eyes Give me your hand, darling Do you feel my heart beating Do you understand Do you feel the same Or am i only dreaming Is"

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