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wildest moments karaoke

  • Passing Moments - Destiny
    "Why do your eyes shun me. And why does your presence paralyse me. Why don't you look back on those days. Losing myself inside my heart you die with me. And with the pain of longing the flower of passion"
  • Shoebox Moments - Rookie Of The Year
    "rainy night in out small town. there's another rip in the snare again. backyard playing t-ball, that's where it all began. pictures good times. the kids have grown up way to fast. letters from each other. relationships"
  • Lucid Moments - Tune
    "Tranquilize all lucid moments of distrust There is no space for both of us We need to compromise For what you love and what I despise I've never felt so insecure So I hold my breath and just let it"
  • Slow Moments - Moonlight Awakening
    "The prisoners of untold guilt here, it is the state that i fear in the waves of simple distrust, it is the voice that i hear i can't surpass the dismal chances in a loveless romance so let it be and"
  • These moments - Saga
    "I know the beauty in the eyes of a newborn child, there's just no way of explaining what I feel inside. To have her blue eyes look straight into mine, it makes my heart beat - it makes me come alive. 'Cause"
  • Bons Moments - L'skadrille
    "(feat. Sniper) Ya aussi des bons moments dans la t-ci sniper , l'Skadrille (sniper , l'Skadrille ) [16 Ar ] J'me sens dans mon lment, Car en vrai on gole-ri plus qu'on pleure La t-ci c'est hami"
  • Moments Pass - Hot Water Music
    "lets dance while we still can these days are numbered short we can watch moments pass or we can see them as our last and take them for all they're worth so lets dance while we can throw caution to"
  • Golden Moments - James Taylor
    "Now if all my golden moments could be rolled into one, They would shine just like the sun for a summer day. And after it was over, we could have it back again. With credit to the editor for striking out"
  • Stolen Moments - Alicia Keys
    "Remembering the days when our love began Thinkin of a million ways to escape and be with you But reality wasn't just you and i It was long drawn out days and lonely nights Dreamin' bout you i keep dreamin'"
  • Final Moments - Keepsake
    "I see nothing As darkness envelops me Light can not penetrate My reality is laid to rest Our eyes never meet But I feel it's presence A piercing stare burns though me How long do I have to wait Before"

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