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wisin yandel note thr amorr

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wisin yandel note thr amorr
  • Swingin' Utters The Note
    "Finding fault is never easy least of all when it's always yours just a fragment of a broken will and a sentence from a note left on the floor. I never told you that i wouldn't leave you i only said i couldn't"
  • Doug Supernaw The Note
    "Writers: Buck Moore/Michelle Ray The note was short, but Lord so strong It simply said, "I can't go on And live a lie with someone I don't love" She couldn't tell me face to face Oh but how my world was"
  • Inside Out Grandma's Note
    "I read a note my grandma wrote back in 1923 Grandpa kept it in his coat And he showed once to me He said now son you might not understand But a long long time ago Gandma's daddy didn't like me none But"
  • Club Dogo Note Killer
    "Please mr. deejay, play this song for me.... RIT Il Guercio: notte di mezza estate, in sogno precipito e atterro sveglio sopra queste strade bevo Red Stripe,ho sete-gradi fahrenheit fondono il marciapiede tu"
  • Stone Sour Suicide Note
    "So close but so far away Never wanted this anyway If yesterday brings a better tomorrow I'm never gonna see the day And I, I am leaving home And if I never return You don't have to remember me My heart"
  • Scarface Suicide Note
    "You was playin when you was sayin you was ready, I'm knowin' you ain't mean it when you told me you was tired of life and just wanted to leave it you were drinkin, so I ain't really pay it no attention,"
  • Digger C-Note
    "Cold fronts go continental and the sunshine state's on fire. postcards along the east coast summer seems so far away. eighteen hour drives, my body is so restless. press your hands to the taxi window long"
  • Janne Da Arc Suicide note
    "Kyou, jukyou osowatta Martin Luther Kingnanimo shiranai sensei "sabetsu shicha yo."muimi na bouryuku higoto migoto ni sensei, yokei na koto oshiekomanai de onegai" ga iranai to omou hito wa, kono yubi"
  • Bracket Suicide Note
    "You are the other side of me Dying from my selfish disease I'd come undone to set you free And give you back integrity When I, can't find, peace of mind You won't find me searching desperately When I,"
  • Plastic Tree Ether note
    "boku dake ga utsumukikotoba o erande shaberidashitetafui ni kodomo-jimiteru kankakuMIRUKU no amasa ni toketanomihoshita BIN no naka niHIMITSU o hitotsu otoshitesatou to ARUKOORU to REMON o tashite"sukoshi"

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