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  • Intro - Mims
    "Music is my savior, when i was young, where I'm from people didn't get out, people just sat on the corners hustling for years, no sense of hope, just an addiction to survive off other peoples addictions,"
  • Intro - Trick Daddy
    "Trick daddy- hey git....come hea man!...run ya lil bad ass hea git, you need ta be up in sumbody mutha fukin school sum where nigga, what the fuck you doin out hea? Git-nigga, im bout my money, stackin"
  • Intro - Bobby Brown
    "Whitney{Bobby} nobody does it better (sing it babe) makes me feel sorry for the past (i know the feel sorry too) nobody does it quite the way you do Bobby your the best (thank you baby, thank you) yes"
  • Intro - Sido
    "Es war einmal vor langer Zeit, gar nicht weit weg, ziemlich um die Ecke. Genauer genommen im Mrkischen Viertel. Die Straen warn voller Hass und Gewalt. Vollgepisste Treppenhuser, Waffen an Schlefen, Messer"
  • Intro - Tony Yayo
    "Ain't nobody talking when im talking fellas, so shut the f**k up. The following items place in an envalope as I call them off. Empty wallet, Legal papperwork, first 3 out of the 10 line up. Single file"
  • Intro - Pitbull
    "Yea niggas, Welcome to Dade County Where we slang rocks that claim blocks And those red and blue lights just keep our streets hot C'mon and ride with a nigga so I can show you what Dade County really got See"
  • Intro - Atom And His Package
    "*speaking* Uhh so, hi! Thank you very very much for many things, thanks. Umm, thanks for clapping now. Thanks. Umm, first of all thank you for sticking around through the nastieness that is in this room,"
  • Intro - Planetshakers
    "We're living for a God who saved us A destiny, a hope that's found in truth You walked before my fears and failures My heart cries out, this life I give to You This life I live for You All my praise"
  • Intro - Rick Ross
    "(Woman:) This Is K. Foxx Reporting Live For WCCC,Just End.... A Hastion Frater Has Just Been Ceased By The Miami Coast Guard With Over 60 Kilos Hidden Below The Vessel Docked At The Port Of Miami If The"
  • Intro - Chamillionaire
    "(yeah) a lightnin bolt strikes in the air (yeah), finally it's here, since y'all are tha judge, tha day of judgment finally is near, in ya eye i see a tear, and it's remindin me of fear, rap's been dead"

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