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" I life for you but i'm not alive "

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" I life for you but i'm not alive "

  • Sweethearts & Quot ; - Camper Van Beethoven
    "'cause he's always living back in dixon Circa 1949 And we're all sitting at the fountain, at the five and dime 'cause he's living in some b-movie The lines they are so clearly drawn In black and white"
  • Per Capita - Napalm Death
    "Countless opinions - a hotbed of riches Last remaining entitlement Feeling valued? Or devoutly subdued? Per Capita All placated and humoured A billion voices shall all register - they say Diversity for"
  • Dead But Alive - Smaxone
    "Houses burning The world is turning I am caught in the crossfire Nowhere to run Blinding flashbacks From the sky I can't see if It's me that just go blind Mind is glowing Overflowing Anything that will"
  • I'm alive - A Change Of Pace
    "Im alive when Im missing youIm heading out for the lone star state and flying over Santa FeIm looking out at a mountain rangeI brace myself for the life I madeWere too young at heart, hoping for one more"
  • I'm Alive - Sasha
    "When I wake up and the sun won't shine and I see the bedlam all around me I turn over and go back to sleep again If I could skip or erase this day but it's much to young to feel sorry so I'm trying"
  • Tot - Candlemass
    "Dark clad waters, still warm shrouds Doomsday warning from the men in the clouds Lily's weep over light that fled Words were carved in my arm by the dead Grim like war, foul like tar Corroded fragments"
  • Alive - Beastie Boys
    "I've never been more ready in my entire life To do this right now Never It's all been leading up to this moment All right now right here My whole life.. Right here We got rhyme selections in a wide array J'ai"
  • Alive - Bon Jovi
    "This romeo is bleeding, but you can't see his blood It's nothing but some feelings That this old dog kicked up It's been raining since you left me Now I'm drowning in the flood You see I've always been"
  • I'm Alive - The Hooters
    "I've got a condition for which there is no cure I'm in a position that everyone prays for Got a sound in my head that could wake up the dead Like the Who singing Summertime Blues Got no thorn in my side,"
  • I'm Alive - Neil Diamond
    "Take a walk, You can hardly breathe the air Look around, It's a hard life everywhere People talk, But they never really care On the street There's a feeling of despair But everyday There's a brand new"
  • I'm Alive - Kenny Chesney
    "(Chesney) So damn easy to say that lifes so hard Everybodys got their share of battle scars As for me, Id like to thank my lucky stars that Im alive and well Itd be easy to add up all the pain And all"
  • I'm Alive - Emily Loizeau
    "In each little thing I do I can find a piece of you In each twist of time In each twist of mind That I find to think of you I'm alive It's so strange to be alive When I go to sleep at night And I'm scared"
  • I'm Alive - Cirith Ungol
    "I shiver when I remember The things that I have seen I know the light, I know the Night I have walked with things unseen I have been a king invincible I've been the poorest of the poor I've pulled the"
  • I'm Alive - Brian Littrell
    "I lived a lot of life I caught a dream or two It's been a sweet ride But I've faced my share of nights Searched like we all do Looking inside Now I'm standing here 'Cause You've made it clear"
  • I'm Alive - Blind Guardian
    "I run through the dark fields of the plains reach level 99 the pain cuts deep down through my vein how will I break the ice welcome to my reality dream forever sunlight instead of neon light how will it"
  • I Am Not Alive - Paramaecium
    "(Music by A. Tompkins and J. De Ron) I am not alive, though they say I am. Such is the grave inconsequence of man; liar that I am, I am not alive at all, not alive at all, no. I am not alive. Countless"
  • Tot Aan Die Dag - Gerald Troost
    "Ooit zal het zo zijn, dat de hemel open breekt En de doden zullen opstaan Ooit komt er een dag, dat U terug komt op een wolk Dat U kijkt met ogen stralend als de zon Ooit zal het zo zijn, dat we leven"
  • I'm Not Perfect (But I'm Perfect For You) - Grace Jones
    "I'm (x8) Had we met at a different time we'd be perfect for each other, Now were spending all our time, in this world come together, My heart is aching, from all the love your giving, Were not faking,"
  • Alive - Dami Im
    "I'm coming out from the shadows Shooting straight like an arrow Ain't nothing gonna slow me down Slow me down yeah I'm gonna flow like a cool breeze Stand taller than a palm tree Ain't nothing gonna cut"
  • Alive - Jon Bon Jovi
    "Feel me like I feel you Won't you let me come inside Heal me like I heal you Let your mind, body, soul, come alive On my knees (but I'm Rising) On My Feet (Getting Higher) I will fly Hey Hey I'm Alive Didn't"

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