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" I see fire"

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" I see fire"

  • Tot S Fosc - Gossos
    "Tot s fosc, noms una espurna, s la nineta dels teus ulls va pampallugant. Avui potser em dirs adu, i una llgrima, pels teus ulls caur. Vols ser lliure, vols ser un altre falcó en el cel, per tot just del"
  • See - Reactor
    "Eyes say more than thousand words Expose the soul that flows in me My inner warmth, my inner bleed My deep anxiety This sight is where you can read My illogical personal achemy Falling in my stream I can't"
  • See - The Rascals
    "Things ain't like they used to be Love's the only thing I see Wings of life are taking flight From the darkness to the light I used to try and fly away Upon the flood of dreams Tasting all the good and"
  • I See - Letters To Cleo
    "I think I'll close my eyes and wait As the world goes by Won't see the same old thing that out there Everywhere, yeah... The thousand wishes I have had in my life Come true After they are gone I say "What"
  • I See - Suspyre
    "Music: Rossetti, Lyrics: Barton These are revelations to welcome grace Your witness birth to the colder days A message to the fallen seven You will forever be in sight We struggle beforethe hands"
  • I See - Snowsera
    "I believe in everything I'm seeing, I can bring it fully into reason. I'm fascinated with people who are thinking, Plot, planned, then carefully retreated. Are you proper or even elegant when, Hold your"
  • I See - Ania Dąbrowska
    "i see your face something familiar you have in your eyes many times i felt just the same as you're feeling now i thought that i'll be able to help you and maybe i tried forgive me please (please) i didn't"
  • I see - Ania D
    "If I could just disappear I will have to walk away I see your face sending family are you having your ??? many times I felt just the same as you're feeling now I thought that I'll be able to help you and"
  • I See - Tenth Hour Calling
    "Some people went and called me crazy Say that I'm wasting all my time But you know I'm not changing a thing He makes life fine They go and curse me all day long Trying to bend and break and bruise Go"
  • I see - Ras Kass
    "Ah Pharoahe Monch yeah I said; yes yes y'all to the beat y'all We tryin' to teach the young and get the loot And steer it like havin' a ball Hey hey hey We try to walk a little bit like this I say I hate"
  • I See - Tryad
    "In the night I feel so right You reach out And squeeze me tight I can hardly breathe I feel This feeling over me I've got to believe It's meant to be Talk to me boy I can feel you coming Even when you're"
  • Tot Aan Die Dag - Gerald Troost
    "Ooit zal het zo zijn, dat de hemel open breekt En de doden zullen opstaan Ooit komt er een dag, dat U terug komt op een wolk Dat U kijkt met ogen stralend als de zon Ooit zal het zo zijn, dat we leven"
  • El Dia Que Tot Rebente - La Gossa Sorda
    "Llauradors de la desillusió, jubilats i sense fer soroll, becaries de l'angoixa, cambrers de la misria opositant a la eternitat. Funcionaris de la depressió, inmigrants de la desesperació, alumnes del"
  • Sweethearts & Quot ; - Camper Van Beethoven
    "'cause he's always living back in dixon Circa 1949 And we're all sitting at the fountain, at the five and dime 'cause he's living in some b-movie The lines they are so clearly drawn In black and white"
  • See What I See - De/Vision
    "All people are born alike Most people get terrified when it comes to sacrifice Blind on the mind's eye All people are born alike Some people may decide not to be on your side Blind on the mind's eye I'm"
  • I See, You See - Ahead To The Sea
    "I see, you see would be important to free This land of the hand of lethargie with your band Change the situation, the leaders of all nations Unite the world in common with music as foundation Useless politicians,"
  • See What I See - Shyheim
    "Verse One: I wake up to another day of life and wish I didnt Cuz my records predicted a future of Bill Clinton But I continue to do my thang to make a livin Fuck the police and Judge Brennan cuz I aint"
  • See See Rider - LaVern Baker
    "See See Rider LaVern Baker Atlantic OS 13001 Oldies Series (Traditional) Well See, See See Rider Just see what you have a-done Yeah, yeah yeah yeah See See Rider See what you have"
  • See See Rider - Elvis Presley
    "(arr. by Elvis Presley) I said see, see, see rider Oh, see what you have done I said see, see, see rider Oh, see what you have done Oh girl, you made me love you Now, now, now your lovin' man has gone hear"
  • See See Rider - Janis Joplin
    "And it's hey, hey hey, she was standin' in the kitchen, honey, in her morning gown Lord, she was standin' in the kitchen, babe, in her morning gown She was standin' in the kitchen, honey, in her morning"

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