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"2T4 SETA - Wjazd 2

  • Wjazd - Mes
    "Skurwysyny, to jest właśnie to, co nazywam wejściem z buta. Singiel, którego możesz wreszcie słuchać. Ktoś powiedział, że rap podupadł, że jak refren to dupa I czuje się jakby ktoś mu wpychał plastik"
  • Seta - Le Vibrazioni
    "(Seta... seta...) Ho sete di fama io perch sono il prescelto di una lunga dinastia che ha avuto sempre successo Come la mia fama dove la mia fama io voglio la mia fama dove la mia fama Cos mi mischio tra"
  • 2:2 - Blumentopf
    "Chorus:Seid ihr bereit, fr mich und'n Mic?Ich schwr' wir kicken's fr euch wenn ihr mit dem Shit unten seidWenn wir Mic's rocken werden Schweitropfe zu EisbrockenDenn wir sind hei und kalt zugleich und"
  • Jet Set - Blumfeld
    "Offen gesagt haben wir vor, weiter zu machen als gescheiterte bisher in Sachen Selbstverwirklichung offensichtlich halten welche nicht soviel davon wie wir diese Welt ist nicht das Leben sicher kostet"
  • Set Up - A Global Threat
    "Extra sheets cause oil isn't cheap But 2 bucks is 6 cans down on Douglas street OT got docked this week and somehow more snow No license, no registration, and nowhere to go Brain is bouncing off walls It's"
  • Swing Set - Jurassic 5
    "So Hot! So.. Hot! This is the sound of the 30's! 1..2..1, 2, 3, 4. Gather round all you ruggytutters, 'cause we're going to show you what Swing is all about! Oh yeah? Yeah! Yeah? Yeah! These great"
  • Set Trippin - Mc Eiht
    "(feat. Boom Bam (CMW)) Geah Ain't nothin but killers in this bitch Ugh Check it out In the muthafuckin house Nigga For the 9 to the 6 Ain't nothin but the VIII Hype Thugs Ugh It ain't nothin but the VIII"
  • Set me free - East 17
    "All i ever wanted, i have found in you a soul thats controlled, by a heart so true all i ever needed youve given 2 me locked inside im gonna give cos in the back of my mind i hear you callin me cmon and"
  • Set Me Free - Avenged Sevenfold
    "There’s a calmness to the air outside watch the Sun color the site of a morning sky bur all I see are clouds of darkest grey A full eclipse to veil the start of another day hear the laugher at the children"
  • Set Me Free - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion Gold Vol. 2 Set Me Free Si tu me cherches Je suis comme une ombre Je suis le reflet de ton coeur C'est toi l'horloge Qui compte le nombre De mes jours et de mes heures If you look for me I'm"
  • Set me off - The Saturdays
    "VerseIn my time, that's the way I usually go,But then when I feel fine, that's when I'll be letting you know,If I try, try, (taking it slow, taking it slow)But I can't SUSTAIN IT (letting it go, letting"
  • Set Me Free - Raven-Symon
    "Each step that I take I feel like you're worried bout me Every move that I make I feel like you've been watchin on me Drive me crazy when u ask When u follow when u call me I'm losin my mind I never want"
  • The Set-Up - Zebrahead
    "Lie to me Tell me that everything will be all right (Who-o-a)Lie to me Don't say it didn't mean anything 1-2-3 GO! I should have known when my kicks Crossed the hinge on your door That you"
  • Set Me Free - Five
    "You say I'm crazy But I don't have the time (time time) Stargate (time time) Uh - Five You say I'm crazy But I don't have the time (time time) Yeah (time time) C'mon (Verse 1) I I I I have been runnin'"
  • Set It Off - Nicki Minaj
    "Chea, NICKI MINAJ, DIRTY MONEY, YOUNG MONEY Yo y da fuk dese lil bitches always talkin shit about what dey did and I dnt give a fuk bitch! NICKI LEWINSKI luk When u was on stage with ya brain on"
  • Set It Off - Lil Boosie
    "U wanna talk shit? U wanna run ya mouth? U want some gangstas front yo motherfucking house? We'll set this bitch off, yeah set this bitch off We'll set this bitch off, set this bitch off They call me Bad"
  • Clear Tha Set - Hot Boys
    "Lil' Wayne: Clear da set nigga (what) (what) (what) (what) (verse 1) See I be ridin' on the prime in the lex bubble Ready to come out the truck and make yo chest buckle When I come I lay the sprays"
  • Clear Da Set - Hot Boy$
    "Lil' Wayne: Clear da set nigga (what) (what) (what) (what) (verse 1) See I be ridin' on the prime in the lex bubble Ready to come out the truck and make yo chest buckle When I come I lay the sprays"
  • Set It Off - Das EFX
    "Verse One: Dray, Skoob Yo (yo), yo (yo), yo (yo) Piggity-presto, who these cats on your stereo? (Das EFX) My records spin round and round like a merry-go Here we go, riggity-raw as I ever was Diggy Das"
  • Set it off - Kardinal Offishall
    "Verse 1 I'm trying not to wear 3 exes no more. It's ok, Kardinal stand 6'4. You can hear the insecurity in my voice right? I don't take my chain off on the mic, it's my security piece. It gives me security."

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