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"DJ Sava feat. Faydee - Love in Dubai"

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"DJ Sava feat. Faydee - Love in Dubai"

  • Body Language (feat. Faydee) - Randi
    "If you speak in body language I get all you trying to say I know, oh my, oh my I can be your favourite hostage, baby Let you play away You know, oh my, oh my You know your love turns my body Upside down,"
  • Free (feat. Andreea D) - Dj Sava
    "Dj Sava: I could do a whole lot of things But I wanna hold you right now Cause nobody feels me better so I wanna hold you right now Put your finger in the air just like I told you right now Back to the"
  • Sava - Hande Yener
    "Kendimi bir sava sonrasnda Kendimi o sava alannda Yrrken buldum Yrrken buldum Kaybolmu bir sr hayatn Yetmedi aklarn ihtirasn Kysndan getim Kysndan getim Beni kendinden souturken Bir tek soru bile sormadn Onlar"
  • Tati (Feat. DJ SpinKing) - 6IX9INE
    "hold up let me get it started B.B. with the Robins looking all retarded B.B. saggin’ fly like a dragon bitches suck myt dick cause I’m fly like Alladin Scum Gang! the bitches think I’m stupid I ain’t"
  • One love (feat. Dj Grubaz) - Official Vandal
    "Mam zajebiste szczęście być tego elementem Rezydentem stylu synu, bo nie stałem z tyłu Nie żałowałem skillów Ilu gości zamuliło Odbiło, zostawiło temat Nawet nie pamiętam Szara eminencja, ciągle biega"
  • Nobody (ft. Kat Deluna & Leftside) - Faydee
    "Look around It's Faydee and the lady Kat Deluna Ok., Leftside, Leftside Your love, your type is the only thing I need Right here in my life You're the only one for me No more lonely nights Girl, you"
  • Habibi Albi (ft Leftside) - Faydee
    "look around ready to make some babies with the ladies Leftside, Faydee Habibi Albi let me love you like you need you deserve somebody to treat you like a queen when you come home she’s standing there"
  • You don't know me - Faydee
    "I Guess U dont know me But i know i know U From the scent of your skin To the way that he holds U I know you dont love me But i know i will love you If you open up for me I'll do anything for U Verse I: Don't"
  • Legendary - Faydee
    "Legendary love, Forever you and me. Underneath the Sun, there’s no other place I'd rather be When it all falls down, We'll be dancing on our feet. When everyone's around, You’re the only one I see Legendary An"
  • Move On (C'est La Vie) - Faydee
    "C'est la vie I wish it could be easier for You and me I'm trying to pretend like I'm not Almost sweet But the truth is I can't stand to see you So happy Happy with somebody else not me No, don't ask me Don't"
  • Can't Let Go - Faydee
    "Can't can't can't go Can't can't can't go Can't can't can't go Can't can't can't go Can't live a day without you baby Oh no… If you're not here I don't know what I'm living for You stared right in my"
  • Wonder why - Faydee
    "Are you serious? How the hell are you gonna cut me any deeper, when im still bleeding? From the last time you messed up Verse I: I dont understand you How can you be so cold No I dont believe you"
  • Love In The Way (feat Nicki Minaj) - Yung Bleu
    "Got this world in our hands Like a pearl in a clam We're lettin' go Ayo You blew it, I could tell you knew it But you was like, "Screw it, " and I guess I'm fluid 'Cause I was like, "Fuck you and them"
  • In love with the Dj - ATB
    "Maybe you are with the lonely and maybe you cant get to sleep at night keeps on like a little train through the heart and back again like a stranger promising she wont forget you i'm in love with the DJ"
  • Strong In Love ( feat. Mason) - Chicane
    "(say it again) Standing here in the dim light, You can only see your soul. No place that we can hide in, no, Your love will still unfold. By the time your sense is moving, You see, The one you lost is"
  • In Love With The Dj - Cassie
    "I think I'm in love with the Dj I do whatever he tells me So tell me that aint love Hey im in love with the Dj I'm speedin out on the freeway His the anyone who can help me So point me to the club Hey"
  • Rich In Love (feat. SANAH) - Matt Dusk
    "I would like a Maserati Season tickets to the Yankees New suits by Armani Diamond cufflinks from Tiffanys dock my yacht down in Miami play a round of golf with Tiger Woods I’d buy myself a Grammy just"
  • Sava tiho tece - Karma
    "Sava tiho teeZadnje nam je veeDraga ostala si sama.Sava tiho teeZadnje nam je veeDraga postala si dama. Pokraj Save breze maleTvoje oi veseleOve noi udno sjajeMene vie ne vole.Nije meni to te moramto te"
  • Sava Tiho Tece - Plavi Orkestar
    "Pokraj Save breze male tvoje oci vesele ove noci cudno sjaje mene vise ne vole Nije meni sto te moram sto te moram gubiti vec je meni, dal' ces moci poslije mene ljubiti Ref. Sava tiho tece, zadnje nam"
  • Goin’ In (Feat. Flo Rida) - Jennifer Lopez
    "We like, oh Tonight feels like the best night of my life I’m goin’ in, I’m goin’ in (put your, put your, hands up!) I’m goin’ in, I’m goin’ in (put your, put your, hands up!) I’m goin’ in, I’m goin’ in"

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