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"Lynyrd Skynyrd" disaster

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"Lynyrd Skynyrd" disaster

  • Talking Airplane Disaster - Phil Ochs
    "Pre> G c d7 Well, once I heard some people say, "if you gotta travel G c There's just one way, you gotta leave the ground, gotta go D7 g Through the air, gotta find a pilot and pay your"
  • Disaster - Voodoo Glow Skulls
    "Can I play with madness? Can I ride the lightening? Flirting with disaster, I got my own course. A little bit of violence, feeling something loco, Make this thing go faster, I've got my own sense. Go"
  • Disaster - Blink 182
    "Disaster, disaster Disaster, disaster Fall comes a loaded gun Black ties for everyone Can you read my mind Fall in my arms again Grey stones that break apart French braids demonic art The dead come alive Fall"
  • Disaster - Home Grown
    "You were everything that I dreamed of I never thought I'd hear you say That you've fallen out of love I never said this would be easy You said you'd understand Now your giving up everything It's just not"
  • Disaster - Cage
    "I ran out the door you screamed "Don't leave me!, Don't leave me!" I simply haven't got the time there's no more time The world is caving in soon we'll be greiving greiving Mother nature's showing us a"
  • Disaster - The Besnard Lakes
    "Baby, I've got some words for you When you get up in the afternoon But you're not at home You're out there alone So I've called to capture devices for spies with vices Generals have fought for spies like"
  • Disaster - Ashtray Hearts
    "Ashtray Hearts Old Numbers Disaster There's room in this house for another little girl to take up the chair I saved for you Theres still room in my day for another change of heart to avoid a disaster Like"
  • Disaster - Hawthorne Heights
    "How should I say That I never wanted anything to change If I rearranged the pieces of A broken down ? Do you believe in me Because I'm not sure I believe in anything, anymore Pick up the pieces and Make"
  • Disaster - Jojo
    "I’m trying not to pretend that it won’t happen again and again like that I never thought it would end – cause you got up in my head, in my head like that And made me happy , baby, love is crazy, so amazing But"
  • Disaster - Krzysztof Kreft
    "1. When will this show end? I'm sick of this game Only i am not smiling here? I was so enchanted Sure of these feelings But you crushed me and threw me into a corner Ref: I don't know how I don't have"
  • Disaster - Far From Finished
    "Woke up this morning in front of the ol' corner store And every time I put myself down I keep on coming back for more Now the bells of the church are tolling for another deserving saint While I'm strolling"
  • Walking Disaster - Powerman 5000
    "(UH! Yeah) No door on the bathroom stall No water coming out of the wall No food and nothing to drink No peace and I can't even think I'm a walking disaster I'm a walking disaster I don't care but you"
  • Disaster Blaster - White Zombie
    "Conquest heat master Skin crack move faster Doomwatch got open eyes Perversion never lies Disaster blaster Disaster blaster Creature of destruction Laughing dead corruption Challenge to survive Love"
  • Disaster Blaster - Rob Zombie
    "Conquest heat master Skin crack move faster Doomwatch got open eyes Perversion never lies Disaster blaster Disaster blaster Creature of destruction Laughing dead corruption Challenge to survive Love"
  • Natural Disaster - Plain White T's
    "She said she saw me on TV This girl's a legend in the late night scene And you can see she aimed to please Cause she just wouldn't take her eyes off me She made the music come to life She moved her"
  • Ann Disaster - Ben Kweller
    "Ann Disaster make it better, make this whole thing come together with your false alarmin'. I know what you want, you want a piece of me. So we're waiting and not frustrating, you made a comeback and"
  • Natural Disaster - Fischerspooner
    "(feat. Cindy Greene & Lizzy Yoder) Oh, oh, oh... All alone... 'gone out So many nights Nobody's there Lost and wasted Why am I alone? Who made me this way? (Natural Disaster) All alone, alone Why"
  • Beautiful Disaster - Kelly Clarkson
    "He drowns in his dreams An exquisite extreme I know Hes as damned as he seems And more heaven than a heart could hold And if I try to save him My whole world could cave in It just ain't right It just ain't"
  • Beautiful disaster - American Hi Fi
    "Ill make you a five star enemy Ive taken a fall would you like to see Choke it down with a sound All away from me Keep em laughing Girl do you see me Break it down now Right about now I'm fuckin up again"
  • Walking Disaster - Brian McFadden
    "(we need some help here still, I donno if you want to post them already, but there are some parts I just can't figure Out.. well, I'm not a native speaker, so I might not be familiar with all words there"

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