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"Robbie Williams - Swing When You

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"Robbie Williams - Swing When You

  • Kids (With Robbie Williams) - Kylie Minogue
    "K: Me no bubbletious R: Me smoke heavy tar K: Me be groovin' slowly where you are R: Notify your next of kin 'cause your never coming back K: I've been dropping beats since Back in Black Chorus: And we'll"
  • THE DAYS (feat. Robbie Williams) - Avicii
    "Under the tree where the grass don't grow We made a promise to never get old You had a chance and you took it on me And I made a promise that I couldn't keep Heart ache, heart break All over town But"
  • Strange Days (feat. Robbie Williams) - The Struts
    "When you stumble and fall Get yourself off the ground Play your favourite song Anf sin git out loud Take a deep breath And in time you’ll beign to smile Listen to the wind It’s the sweetest of sound Smilin’"
  • Swing - Taking Back Sunday
    "Open the gate to your apartment complex, Your not getting off that easily. I climb the fence, The one that you've been sitting on. (How long) Before I'm just a memory, (How long) Before you can't remember"
  • Swing - Yello
    "The one desire is to dance the swing Could catch it all night long And when I'm riding on that wing And just for you I'm in the swing And when I'm riding on that wing My heart does start to sing Fu:r"
  • Swing - Savage
    "[ Chorus ] Oh s**t, shake that ass ma, move it like a gypsyStop, woah, back it up, now let me see your hips SWINGStop, woah, back it up, now let me see your hips SWING Now drop it looooow and let me see"
  • Swing - Japan
    "Tell me when the work is done Tell me when the day is through And I'll drive safely inside my car Taking islands in Africa Shout if someone gets too near I'll know just what I ought to do I'll arrive"
  • Swing - Ani DiFranco
    "She cam to and her Whole life was how she remembered it She had a mouth full of fur And she was laughing She parked her hearse across Three spaces posted for motorcycles only And jumped out shouting What"
  • Andy Williams - Andy Williams
    "You're just too good to be true Can' t take my eyes off you You'd be like heaven to touch I wanna hold you so much At long last love has arrived And I thank God I'm alive You're just too good to be true Can't"
  • Hank Williams - Ry Cooder
    "You been over at that jukebox, mister, all this afternoon Playing Hank Williams records for a dime Well, I may be just a cat to you, but I know that heartbreak tune And I'm proud to say Hank Williams was"
  • Williams' Blood - Grace Jones
    "When she was seventeen She married a Preacher Man And she settled down In a little part of town Followed him all around Having little babies Singing in a little Church In a little ghost town She's so happy"
  • Williams - Norton
    "My momma always told me Don't you hang around those Williamstown boys And don't be blind girl they're not our kind But she never met Willy McCoy The sun comes up at his house The same as it does at mine"
  • Swing, Baby Swing - DNC
    "Let me teach you how you swing (hey) Ive got that good foot movin, just gotta love the way I swing (hey) Girl move dont stop keep movin Let me teach you how you swing (hey) Ive got that good foot movin,"
  • The Only One I Know (ft. Robbie Williams) - Mark Ronson
    "the only one i know has come to take me away the only one i know is mine when she stitches me the only one I see has found an aching in me the only one I see has turned her tongue into me everyone has"
  • Ballad of Hank Williams - Hank Williams
    "Don tell us how it really was when you was workin with daddy.Well in 1950 i took a little nipAlong with mr. williams on the way to mississipp'We was stacked 8 deep in a packard limousineAnd we met this"
  • Fraulein (L. Williams) - Townes Van Zandt
    "Far across the blue water lives an old German's daughter By the banks of the old river Rhine Where I loved her and left her but I can't forget her I miss my pretty fraulein Fraulein, fraulein, look up"
  • Ballad Of Hank Williams - Hank Williams Jr.
    "(Don tell us how it really was when you was workin with daddy) Well in 1950 I took a little nip "
  • Goin' Crazy (ft. Robbie Williams) - Dizzee Rascal
    "(Dizzee Rascal i Robbie Williams wystąpili w wspólnym teledysku, który powstał do kawałka "Goin' Crazy")"
  • Mood swing - Matt Bianco
    "Mood swing you're the only one makes my heart sing mood swing gets me every time there's no warning mood swing nothing feels so good what a feeling mood swing baby you and I it's the real thing - yeah"
  • The Swing - INXS
    "It's the swing It's the swing like a pendulum It marks the moments as the years go by on an innocent face The swing, into never never land There was a darkness like an old friend That scratched and crawled"

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