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"You Want it Darker",

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"You Want it Darker",

  • Want It - SS501
    "Yeah, what! (What?) New exclusive! Double-S-501 Lets Go! panbokdoeneun ilsangsoge iksukhaejyeo beorin keo-ul sok ne moseup amu uimi eoptneun, modu kasikppunin iyagi kata sikji anhneun yeoljeongdeuleul"
  • Want it - Danity Kane
    "Baby can we take it further Ooh can we take it further (Cause you got my body whinin') (And I'm all wrapped up, I can't deny it) Baby can we take it further Ooh can we take it further (I've been waiting"
  • You want it - Cheap Trick
    "Oh yeahOh yeahI'm gonna seal your fateGonna knock down the doorJust to keep you in lineOh yeahAll the things you sayYou know you're gonna payIt's just a matter of timeOh yeahDon't bet your life just to"
  • You want it - Grits
    "Crushed in space, pushed through timeMovin' cautious, obey all signsWarnin' lights, they flash and blindMake a statement, but don't defineSee I'm on it, make you want itYou ain't on it, don't condone itDon't"
  • Want - Rufus Wainwright
    "I don't want to make it rain I just want to make it simple I don't want to see the light I just want to see the flashlight I don't want to know the answers To any of your questions I don't want, no I really"
  • Want - Natalie Imbruglia
    "All that you want I hope you get all that you want So I suppose you got what you want Take a good look at what you give up Because I'm telling you A heart can't be unbroken oh, oh, oh And can you remember"
  • Want - Lagwagon
    "Been staring for a hundred hours run down A spiral drain keep mouth clamped tight, And it isn't right three words keep running through my mind But my tongue is hard to find I need to let it go, Because"
  • I Want It - Chris De Burgh
    "I want it..... Now... Four in the morning and I just can't sleep I've got a craving now for something sweet So I head off for my local all-night supermarket, When I get there, it's deserted; And now"
  • I Want It - Status Quo
    "I want it girl, I want all your loving I want every part of you, you know I need a girl, s-so you keep on teasing You know I want it from you Tell her boys then I want it, all your love - Oh yeah, it's"
  • I Want It - Jackyl
    "I never worry about the trouble I'm in And I know To get what you want sometimes you gotta sin So I'm coming through Get out of my way Don't want it tomorrow It's got to be today CHORUS I want it Give"
  • I Want It - Guano Apes
    "I'm feeling like an angel I'm feeling like a buttercup we're sailing around the world yeah, I like a kind of irony in my life Don't you know, that I'm your angel Don't you know, we are all paranoid Don't"
  • I want it - East 17
    "I wanna holiday, I wanna get away I wanna car, I wanna be a big star I want my name written up in lights Like a flame til the midnight burning bright I want some love, some peace of mind I'm out tonight"
  • I Want It - Saliva
    "What subject are you crankin on and what's got you are bullets from a gun and who claims you are words from your tongue and what claims you And that's all I want... and that's all I ask for... What got"
  • U Want It - Grits
    "Crushed in space, pushed through time Movin' cautious, obey all signs Warnin' lights, they flash and blind Make a statement, but don't define See I'm on it, make you want it You ain't on it, don't condone"
  • I Want It - Lynch Mob
    "Music: Lynch Lyrics: Brown, Mason, Esposito From the day our eyes first met It's a time I can't forget 'Cause you're a ball of fire burnin' Every woman needs a man So baby, here I am To make your wheels"
  • Want It Tonight - Robert M
    "I Want It Tonight And my knees are shaking in the air I need It Tonight And me body is quake in the air Once time baby Show me everything you’ve got Tease in me baby Sexy body turn around Let’s move"
  • I Want It - Abrasive Wheels
    "I've got no money to pay my rent When Friday comes I'm overspent Life just keeps kicking me down When I should be out on the town All the things that I want keep on passing me by I cant get them out of"
  • I Want It - Zombie Girl
    "I, i have this need I need to see you bleed I need to taste your brain Oh god it drives me insane Come, come over here my dear Theres nothing for you to fear I need a little piece of your head So you too"
  • Want It All - Digital Underground
    "I wanna go up downtown get around town Out of town for about a month overnight While the sun's shining bright in the middle Of the warm cold freezing hot night, that's all I wanna put it in out through"
  • I Want It - B.G.
    "What's happenin main? This B Gizzle Your number one original hot boy a heard And I got collipark music they got me bouncin' wit dis one here You could bounce wit it you could buck wit it And you could"

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