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  • Per Capita - Napalm Death
    "Countless opinions - a hotbed of riches Last remaining entitlement Feeling valued? Or devoutly subdued? Per Capita All placated and humoured A billion voices shall all register - they say Diversity for"
  • Tot Aan Die Dag - Gerald Troost
    "Ooit zal het zo zijn, dat de hemel open breekt En de doden zullen opstaan Ooit komt er een dag, dat U terug komt op een wolk Dat U kijkt met ogen stralend als de zon Ooit zal het zo zijn, dat we leven"
  • Sweethearts & Quot ; - Camper Van Beethoven
    "'cause he's always living back in dixon Circa 1949 And we're all sitting at the fountain, at the five and dime 'cause he's living in some b-movie The lines they are so clearly drawn In black and white"
  • To Me - Perry Farrell
    "Let the grass cool off your feet Sip on old wine Bake fresh bread to eat Sing a song to me And I'll play one for you That comes To me Have you had a taste of honey? Too much honey hurts your belly When"
  • Road To Damascus - All About Eve
    ""in a brief statement issued to reporters in kennebunkport, maine, Where mr. bush is on holidays, the white house spokesman said The president was pleased by the release of john mccarthy, but Wanted"
  • Epistle To Derroll - Donovan
    "Come all ye starry starfish living in the deep blue sea crawl to me i have proposition to make thee would you walk the north sea floor to Belgium from England Bring me word of a banjo man With a tattoo"
  • Going To Paris - The Waterboys
    "We are going to Paris in a ship with red sails As the storm gathers slowly we eat fishheads and snails The mate jumps up, throws down a line to a man overboard for the ninetieth time And then he says"
  • Going To Paris - Mike Scott
    "We are going to Paris in a ship with red sails As the storm gathers slowly we eat fishheads and snails The mate jumps up, throws down a line to a man overboard for the ninetieth time And then he says"
  • Stairway To Cleveland - Jefferson Starship
    "whatcha gonna do about Cleveland? whatcha gonna do about rock & roll? whatcha gonna do about crazy crazy? whatcha gonna do about it? hey we gotta a new band - a new face - a new time! sing a song of"
  • Comin' To Gitcha - Michael Franti & Spearhead
    "And the Lord spoke unto Moses, "Go unto Pharaoh and say unto him, 'Thus say the Lord, let my people go, that they may serve me. And if thou refuse to let them go, behold, I will smite all thy border"
  • Chance To Advance - D12
    "Pow-pow! Straight off the corral Now, the dirtiest street vet from the mile Is vexed without the techs and six shooter Body bullet polluter, perverted intruder Now who the, fuck wanna buck with the diseased,"
  • Tot - Candlemass
    "Dark clad waters, still warm shrouds Doomsday warning from the men in the clouds Lily's weep over light that fled Words were carved in my arm by the dead Grim like war, foul like tar Corroded fragments"
  • Turn To Dust - Persuader
    "Firelit stares takes me deep beneath The overworld I no longer miss Choice between the fist of a demon And the seduction of an angels kiss In sickness In health Shooting up the stealth Wrath and desire"
  • Addicted To Danger - Ice T
    ""Yo whats up man? Yeah I gotta trunk fulla this shit Word, broads still with me man, comin over to grapevine right now Yo I can't talk right now man, I gotta get off this phone" Damn, how'd"
  • Listen To The Sirens - Gary Numan
    ""Flow my tears" the new police song The slogan of peace is "you must live" They've got me and I'm one of them Cancel: "silence" they screamed for days "We've been here"
  • 7 Ways To Love - Saint Etienne
    "Okay, so they're not highly literate lyrics 'cause it's a techno-mantra stomp kind of a thing. a vocal sample saying "seven" forms part of the rhythm loop at times. Seven ways to love, / seven"
  • When To Stand Up - Eminem
    "Artist: dj jazzy jeff f/ eminem and parl yams (scratched) (3x): "no...you hear me! you go to hell" -> mr. garrison Yo At birth I was born with the biggest middle finger on earth The first"
  • Praying To The Aliens - Gary Numan
    "Slowly the thought "There is no one to replace" Came into view And he began to cry Now only boys That love only boys The perfect picture Of a boy/girl age I'm praying to the aliens I'm praying"
  • Antithetic To The Cure - Anti-Flag
    "There is no ardor that you know Where is the axiom that we're owed? And how do you fucking sleep? You haven't missed a wink There is no allegiance where you go Your sure-fire "mandates" are"
  • Walking Back To Happiness - Bob Geldof
    "Dark skies are falling down on my head tonight But I looked up and I could clearly see that moon For a second I thought I was somewhere Romantic like Mississippi But I was walking down Chelsea Bayou It"

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