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"a day break somthing has changei feel like i walking all day"

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"a day break somthing has changei feel like i walking all day"

  • Somthing 2 Relate 2 - Lil Rob
    "Orale What's up man Back once again Giving you somthing to reOrale What's up man Back once again Giving you somthing to relate to I'm kicking back at my pad Getting it through with my familia otra ves It's"
  • Day break - The Brand New Heavies
    "In this life we go through lots of hard times And we say who knows what the day will bring We learn to survive 'cause that's the only way It's kinda nice to talk about the good times Like the feelin' we"
  • Break - A Shrine
    "A Shrine Li And Friends Break Feels like this, when I'm lying Lego man, without eyes Record shop, street watch Cheer him up anymore I don't lie, my life Feel depressed when I'm laughing And my friend,"
  • Break Bread - I-20
    "(feat. Ludacris, Bone Crusher) I-20 nigga (Break bread nigga) Yeah Don't get skull drug (break bread nigga) Fuck nigga What (Break bread nigga) Tell 'em tell 'em (break bread nigga) Heyyyyy I'm a"
  • Feel Like - Al Stewart
    "I feel as volatile as the weather Over fields of Scottish heather The night before Hallowe'en You know I feel like A catamaran in summer The beat of a reggae drummer The flag of a brigantine This is the"
  • The Day Has Come - Cheyenne Kimball
    "I've been down inside waiting around It really makes you tired letting another year passing by us by Time goes slow and I don't know why, don't know why So weak in my head, you hold me back, I wanna"
  • Break - Newboys
    "Don't go thinkin' I'm crazy But my fear is it's too late I won't go making no trouble Cause I feel like I could break All of those times I ran away From all of those things I used to say All of those plans"
  • Break - Jurassic 5
    "Yo, yo, if you had much class And style like I had You would be so glad I see why you so mad I'm born with it Like Marvin and Lauren with it Yo, deform with it The way we perform wit it You gon' get"
  • I Feel Like Buddy Holly - Alvin Stardust
    "I watched the planes come in on the early morning flights But I couldn't stand to see them land without you Now I'm fumbling through my 45s on another endless night Every single line's going back in time Tell"
  • Every Dog Has His Day - Cadillac Moon
    "(Noyes, Nugent, Santoriello, Hackford) Most of the time I'm just an ordinary man. I don't care too much about a master plan I've got my work to do and I've got my places to go. Where it all leads to I hardly"
  • Walking - Makowiecki Band
    "Walking on nothing is OK But you're feeling strong Everyday looking for a home Always on your own And I hope you realize You're not the only one Every one is going blind These times Just today maybe you"
  • Break Up Day - The Starting Line
    "Before the sun is down today I have a feeling of the words that she'll say putting all my feelings to a close my friends already know just let me keep my dignity just say it to my face or understand"
  • Walking - Soul Asylum
    "The sun's creeping up and stomping on my dreams Works all right, party's fine, but sleeping is my scene The traffic inside your head is tearing you apart Stick your fingers down my throat and grab on to"
  • Walking - Jonatha Brooke
    "I am walking in your shoes For just a mile or two My heals are all torn But I will dig them in for you I feel the pain you've known And the seeds of hate you've sown They're scattered on the grownd and"
  • Walking - Adam Gregory
    "I go walkin' Down a long road tonight I go walkin' Not a single soul in sight The night air is so cool The moon shines so bright It's lonely out here But I'm feelin' alright I keep walkin' I keep"
  • Walking like a hoe - Trick Daddy
    "(Phone hang up) Verse 1: Now first off all ya'll ho's should know a nigga don't work fa' ya'll My dogs don't give a fuck and we'll fuck you sluts on coconal Bitch it ain't no need fo' no skeezy ho, cause"
  • Walking Tall - Lyle Lovett
    "I have a dream that everywhere I go Almost everyone captures my eyes And they find me so fascinating Had end in kidding quite looking interesting A very special guy I'm walking tall, flying high In the"
  • Walking Disaster - Big 10-4
    "Could you validate me before you break me in, And what you're calling a cheap shot well I took you on the chin, It's never where you're going, It's always where you've been, So where have you been, And"
  • Walking Barefoot - Ash
    "Your beauty took my breath away, In awe all day Your company was so relaxing, Easy going ways We saw the first signs of summer And springtime change Walking barefoot along the sand, I hadn't planned to"
  • Somthing To Be Proud Of - Montgomery Gentry
    "There's a story that my daddy tells religiously Like clockwork everytime he sees an opening In a conversation About the way things use to be I just roll my eyes and make a B-line for the door I'd always"

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