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"ignore the tears and only write down the laughter"

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"ignore the tears and only write down the laughter"

  • When I Write The Book - Huey Lewis & The News
    "Nick Lowe/Dave Edmunds/Billy Bremner Plangent Visions Music, Ltd. Now I can remember like it was only yesterday Love was young and foolish like a little child at play But oh how lovers change -- I never"
  • When I Write The Book - Colin James
    "Well I can remember Like it was only yesterday Love was young and foolish Like a little child at play But oh how love has changed I never knew how easily Now i'm just a shadow Of the boy I used to be Yeah"
  • Write It Down - Sesame Street
    "Maria: I got something to tell you I don't need to sell you The coolest thing I ever found It's fresh and it's neat It's hip on the street To do what we call Write it down Write, write, write Write it"
  • Only tears - Omd
    "Only tears are meant to fall only once and that is all and when you start to lose the fight and nothing else will make it right only hearts are meant to break and when you make that last mistake and everything"
  • Write It Down - Bleach
    "I'll write it down All that I've lost I'm collecting my thoughts And some paper and pencil will do If you're not listening now I'll write it down I'll sing a song for you This my confession you are my"
  • Write This Down - George Strait
    "I never saw the end in sight; fools are kind of blind. Thought everything was going alright, but I was running out of time. 'Cause you had one foot out the door, I swear I didn't see But if you're really"
  • Write This Down - Cartel
    "Write this down. remember every word. you're not the things they told you way back then. you're so much more than ideas in your head. so bury them and keep them so they can return when you're alone and"
  • Write - Nits
    "In a room like a shell With the moon and the lightbulb Taken from the sea Room 3 In a train filled with straw Through an empty city Whistle and wave A man outside Turtle-Wire Fruit trees Ringing phones"
  • Tears - Dream Theater
    "- ("Uncovered" show at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, London - 1/31/95) - Geddy Lee (Rush - from the album "2112") All of the seasons And all of the days All of the"
  • Tears - Bee Gees
    "I started out to be the man behind the scenes Knowing I was in above my head For all that I could see I never saw the truth Now I'm alone Heaven only knows how much I'm missing you Knowing I had heaven"
  • Tears - Bonnie Tyler
    "Such a long time ago Now I know You've woke up to find You were wrong There ain't no doubt Put me out Nearly made me blind You sent me a letter, brought tears to my eyes Tell me you've changed,"
  • Tears - J.Wise
    "never mind me I am just a man the only thing I deserve in Spain I never be man you deserve world’s been burning burning hot stars been fallin’ fallin’ down and I don’t know if I am ready if I am ready I"
  • Tears - KRS-One
    ""At midday today, some Americans attended memorial services for victims of Tuesday's acts of terrorism. Thousands gathered at Chicago's Daily Plaza. Hundreds more looked on from the windows of"
  • Tears - Lake Of Tears
    "A thousand tears, tears in my eyes Tears from my heart, from down deep inside For now you are to fly, to fly far away Fly to heaven's land, to where the angels stay And the night will even hide, hide"
  • Write & Wrong - Devin The Dude
    "(I think I'm ready, man I'm ready to rap) Nigga, you just talkin shit, man I don't wanna hear that shit (Hey, I'm ready, man) Man, you been sayin that shit (I'm ready to put it down) Yeah, yeah... (Show"
  • Tears - The Cr
    "Reaching out in deadened night, Emptiness by candlelight, Memory a haunted sea, Souring in sudden rage, The damage plagued upon my love, Driven by this selfish urge, To separate yourself from me, But not"
  • Tears - Across The Border
    "I met a child in Belfast and Derry the last of a tribe on the American prairie down under I saw some old native sons, a Kurdish girl faced by German guns I saw the tears... And I saw the tears of the"
  • Tears - The Beautiful South
    "Tears have rolled down many good cheek So when it comes down to your turn Don't be afraid of admitting you're weak Cause these are tears that you earn Strangers, new neighbours, they'll both understand Who"
  • Tears - The Stone Roses
    "Our love girl is going through changes I don't know if I'm alive, dead, dying Or just a little jaded Someone throw me a line You know I need it, I need it bad Lost in a maze of my own making No way out"
  • Tears - The Chameleons UK
    "It's just coincidence Well you can talk that way, but i have to say,I don't beleive in it It was the chill of chance, i decided to dance the days away And i wasn't worried at all Sneaking through the back"

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