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"it seems like i only meet you in the moonlight"

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"it seems like i only meet you in the moonlight"

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"it seems like i only meet you in the moonlight"
  • Honeyz Seems Like
    "I've been watching you Thinking that we should be together I sit and dream about you Wishing you would come to me and leave me never Last night involved (last night involved) In having mutual attraction We've"
  • Soul Embraced Seems Like Forever
    "As I wait for a sign very patiently Out of touch with the way that it used to be Constant thought of a stagnant relationship Being to haunt me so much Eve looking for another chance to be Like a brother"
  • Queen Sarah Saturday Seems
    "Nothing left to sing about this time It's over now The word is out It hit the polls Claimed a place among the rest Of today's new things and Last night's shows The have-you-heards and The did-you-knows But"
  • Gun Seems Like I'm Losing You
    "I never want to be alone Never want to be alone without you I never did believe in much What if all the things I'm fearing are true And I thought I knew you well Maybe I don't know as much as I think"
  • Two Gallants Seems Like Home To Me
    "Baby, let your light shine on me When I'm lost on the road You know you could set me free You could ease my load Days get so dark that I can't hardly see I've been gone so long, it seems like home to me Baby,"
  • Harry Chapin It Seems You Only Love Me When It Rains
    "Just after I screamed at you-- What the hell is it all about You spilled your coffee Onto my sleeve And you said Don't expect the tears To come from me babe For I've already grieved But that's when you"
  • Reach The Sky Seems Like Forever
    "It's so obvious that you mean everything to me, but it's so damn hard letting you climb in. And it's breaking your heart, always hoping that it's all going to change, but will you ever give up? Will you"
  • R. Kelly Seems Like Your Ready
    "Temperature's rising / and your bodies yearning for me / girl lay it on me / i place no one above thee / oh take me to the ecstasy / it seems like you're ready It seems like you're ready Seems like you're"
  • Simon Townshend Meet You
    "Thinking of loving you Waiting to make my move Been here a hundred times Fluttering heart and eyes Shaken up by romance Looking for another chance I'm wasting all this time Searching out my first line Fumbling"
  • Goldfinger Seems Like Yesterday
    "So ask me all the questions Don't tell me that I'm lying Let's just get on with what we got Take me back to a place That no one knows The air was clean We both had nowhere else to go It seems"
  • Jay-Z Meet The Parents
    "Woo! Uhh, uhh It's "The Gift & the Curse" Uhh, uhh yea First they love me then they hate me then they love me again .. they love me again Let's take a trip down.. I gotcha Let's take a trip down memory,"
  • Miguel Bose Seems Like It's Midnight Forever
    "We couldn't see the other side The city hid its beauty Seven colours in the sky I saw them fall to earth Those seven colours Where did they go? Now all I have midnight blue The darkest hours hang together The"
  • The Guess Who Seems Like I Can't Live With You, But I Can't Live Without You
    "Seems like I can't live with you But I can't live without you I know that time will never change you So there's just no sense in living anymore Remember at the start, we had the world by the tail Seems"
  • Augustana Meet You There
    "climb up a mountain, just to watch it come down, but sooner or later babe, you're gonna need me around, 'cause you're getting older, there ain't no stopping that, it's a backstabbing world honey, just"
  • Ice Cube I Wanna Meet Sam
    "I wanna meet sam "the army is the only way out for young, black Teenagers. We'll provide you with housing, we'll provide you With education, We'll provide you with everything you need to Provide a life. We'll"
  • I-20 Meet The Dealer
    "(feat. Ludacris) Yeah he go by the name of I Dub straight from Scottsdale where the rock sell And we Disturbing tha Peace for 4 years strong and still just gettin started whaddup? Cuz when it come"
  • Monty's Fan Club It Never Seems To Work
    "There was this guy I knew He was the biggest jerk He fooled everyone With his smile it would always work And then there was this girl He took her away from me I was young and in love I called her everyday"
  • R. Kelly It Seems Like You're Ready
    "Temperatures rising, And Your body's yearnin' for me. Girl, lay it on me, I place no one above thee, Oh, take me to your ecstasy. It seems like you're ready (seems like you're ready). Girl are you"
  • R.Kelly It seems like you're ready
    "Temperatures rising, And Your body's yearnin' for me. Girl, lay it on me, I place no one above thee, Oh, take me to your ecstasy. It seems like you're ready (seems like you're ready). Girl are you ready,"
  • Her Space Holiday Meet The Pressure
    "I'm not a victim of some feeble mind disease Although some of my old friends would tend to disagree I know these chemicals will get the best of me I'm not saying that I want to quit it just makes it hard"

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