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  • Lampa Alladyna - Milano
    "Dziś kochanie weźmiesz w swoje usta Łyk tequili, impreza będzie tłusta Dzisiaj potrzesz lampę Aladyna poznasz wszystkie tajemnice Dżina /2x tajemnice Dżina W głowie mam tylko jedno załadować temat w"
  • Lamp - Meat Puppets
    "Put off the light Draw the line at anything natural Flesh is fine Redefines the meaning of natural Nothing could own us. Draw the wine, raise the glass to all the unnaturals Raise the glass, raise it high"
  • Street lamp - Sailor
    "You're in a picture on the 'Lian Restaurant' wall From my childhood days, but you've stayed inside of me All my life Like a friend, like an icon, like a window I can lean on you when I'm down Street lamp,"
  • Aladdin's Lamp - Teena Marie
    "We were rich and we were poor Two children playing grown-up games The prince and the princess You loved me hard-just like a rock I threw away your building blocks And left you with silence And now I'd"
  • Lava Lamp - Duran Duran
    "In the half light of the evening I can almost see you glow Can tell by the way you're moving Time may be right to let you know You got many coloured halo, The body of Venus, a babe rainbow And if"
  • Aladdin's lamp - Gene Pitney
    "When I find Aladdin's lamp some day I'll rub the lamp and when the smoke clears away I'll ask the genie grant me my one wish come true That the girl I love would only love me too I've heard that in days"
  • Lava Lamp - Natalia Zastępa
    "unoszę się i sięgam dna od rana tryb: Lava Lamp Lava Lamp zdobywam szczyt by zaraz spaść za dobrze mnie znasz ty i ja jak talia kart niewierny as ulubieniec dam macao i po to boli na wskroś za dobrze"
  • Salt lamp - Disciple
    "I don't want to lose my taste My light has goneThere's a great big city sitting on the hillthat will not be hidden(Matthew 5:14)and the itty bitty light sitting in the darkis on it's lamp stand(Matthew"
  • Kerosene Lamp - Chantal Kreviazuk
    "Have you seen a flame when it comes to life? It was always waitin', it just needed a strike Have you got a match? 'Cause I'm lookin' to be lit Open up your stash, I'm a kerosene lamp I thought I told you"
  • Lamp Halo - Zeromancer
    "It's my life Yeah I know It's not a perfect one.but It's a life I can live with But you don't know If you can And you don't know If you want Cause you don't know If I'm the right one And you don't know Well"
  • Lamp At Midnite - Corey Hart
    "You take my heart like a bow and arrow And shoot it at me I know I walk the tight rope when it's narrow To earn my degree I know Now I'm the last boy at the playground Who's laughin' at me - I know, I"
  • Lamp Of Heaven - James Reyne
    "We caught the moon oh all things wasted Favours wealth and time Fools and minions powers pasted Thieves who rob by night Calling the lamp of heaven Sitting on the edge of the world All things are gold"
  • Under A Lamp - Sherwood
    "Call me out of my hovel; I long to see the sun. My legs try to carry me but my heart weighs me down. So burn this in my eyes until I see your outline, and carve this on my lips until you see my blood"
  • Mary's little lamp - Otis Redding
    "Mary had a little lamb His bleeks was white as snow everywhere that Mary went The lamb was sure to go He followed her to school one day And that was against the rules He made the children laugh and play"
  • Lamp Of The Body - Rickie Lee Jones
    "Once your journeyed into the wilderness To listen to John the Prophet You called "The baptiser" He spoke to you of truth He was a burning, shining light And you were willing for a while To follow him Now"
  • Genie Of The Lamp - Mac Dre
    "We gonna put this bullshit to a stop (we gon' cut the crap) Me and one drop (see yeah, see) We gon' pop while y'all niggaz slop (see we gon' cut the crap and make ya slop) Keep ya tryin' to cop Dope, yadidamean I"
  • Turn The Lamp Down Low - The Tea Party
    "Turn the lamp down low Shelter me Turn the lamp down low Rising up to see Please don't go Do you feel a flame that's burning As the candle dies Do you see the spirits stirring As you close your eyes Do"
  • Leaning On The Lamp Post - Herman's Hermits
    "I'm leaning on the lamp Maybe you think I look a tramp Or maybe you think I'm 'round to steal your car But no, I'm not a crook And if you think that's what I look I'll tell you why and what my motives"
  • Burning of the midnight lamp - Living Colour
    "The morning is dead and the day, is, too.The step is up here to meet me but the velvet fool.All my loveliness I have felt today.It's a little more than enough to make a man throw himself away.And I continue"
  • Burning Of The Midnight Lamp - Jimi Hendrix
    "The morning is dead And the day is, too There's nothing left here to meet me But the velvet moon All my loneliness I have felt today It's a little more than enough To make a man throw himself away And"

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