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Śmigus dingus mix2018

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Śmigus dingus mix2018

  • Deja Vu - Dingus
    "nowhere trying to get somewhere anywhere but here claustrophobia we're boring audience snoring where are we going we're going down been through some stupid places been through intimidations been through"
  • I'm Really Old - Dingus
    "It's been 18 years since fetus, and suddenly I'm on my own I can vote, play bingo, smoke, enlist, but can't seem to let myself go I guess I'm leaving you mother, I'll be back this summer my dorm will be"
  • Idol - Dingus
    "Idol role, no self-control a parasite to one's constructed modeling surrounding pedestals Chin held high to stimuli where's the other you the independent one you never show? Your individuality: polluted"
  • Kissing Ass - Dingus
    "Kissing ass: a skill developed patiently and yet a necessary trait to get the job sucking up until lips are chapped and mouth is dry self-esteem will slow you down I'd counterfeit to make you happy, you're"
  • Leaving Home - Dingus
    "Strangely enough, we'll miss that paradox: a red state represented by three blueish guys mentally prepared, but uncomfortably scared of moving on- whatever that means, it never made much sense to me We're"
  • Misogynists And Party Chicks - Dingus
    "At first they seem deceiving as both sides try getting laid misogynists and party chicks may never see the day when they give up all their prior engagements held within because sex and drugs and rock-and-roll"
  • Pay The Bills - Dingus
    "Check the mail, your rent's been waiting the time has come to pay the bills and these envelopes ironically make it easy to send back the money scraped Procrastinate, they'll send another until Big Brother"
  • Shrunken Heads - Dingus
    "Wasted cigarettes hardly ash before there's something else to burn it's done, you're already moving on and the drunkard seeks scape through the faded tint of empty bottles leave no room to discover That"
  • Stupid - Dingus
    "I'm just a stupid, simple guy locked inside this caged routine too dumb to find a key so here I am, scarfing down the bliss of an average-Joe American who never stops to wonder if there's more than suburb"
  • Teeth - Dingus
    "Through the plaque and tartar stains, I brush apart and excavate to show an adequate display of a smile for you girl Dental floss and Listerine enough to force these gums to bleed I'll make my teeth shine"
  • Transportation - Dingus
    "Take the bus or drive the car your destination planning all depends on how it works with your efficiency the trip itself is meaningless heading toward the target point's always too slow Some teenager just"
  • To co lubię - Katarzyna Godzisz
    "Po kałużach chodzić lubię Zwłaszcza gdy są bardzo długie Hasać w deszczu z parasolem Gdy nogawki mokre w dole Zimą gdy zamarzną krople Ja na deser liżę sople Na obiadek śnieżek zjadam I do iglo się zakradam uuuuuuuu"
  • Trzymaj gard - Ascetoholix
    "Trzymaj gardę mam dla ciebie pogardę Twoje dragi twarde, nasze słowa twarde Zobaczymy co jest więcej warte Podoba mi się to, co panowie mówią mi się podoba Chodźmy bo będzie na nas jeszcze Patrzę jak"
  • Quand On Te Dit - Sniper
    "On m'a dit Black Renega lche le shit ce n'est bon pour oit a va finir par te tuer un conseil te pte plus la voix je crois que a va pas tre possible Comme dirait Zebda C'est un pour mon popo et deux pour"

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