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  • Apt. E - Eye 90
    "Think of all the hearts being broken, the untrue words being spoken. Its hard to trust the one you're with. Isn't it interesting how its broken and just can't be fixed. The truth isnt something that"
  • Apt. 543 - Craig David
    "Catch me in apartment 543 Dial my number if you wanna just talk to me (2x) (Oh, Oh, Oooh, Yeeah) Girl, when you call me on the phone Said you're all alone I said that you could drive by my way You said"
  • Apt. 26 - Apartment 26
    "Repetition of my mind inside decline I'm sick of all the people telling me to read between the lines Deja vu? True, Inside it is you. I know I live inside a world who hates my mind but I don't mind the"
  • Apt. Number 5 - Julie Ruin
    "you can tell yourself you're the one who tried you can tell your friends how many times i made you cry you can tell anyone anything you want but if you're gonna talk about how i deserved what you did you"
  • Fragrant Foul - Apt 3g
    "Oh boy it's Wendesday again and I feel like the world's best friend you know everything is gonna be OK helped an old lady across the street wiped the bullshit of her feet even tipped my hat to a cop then"
  • Control Freak - Apt 3g
    "I like getting drunk alone late at night turn off the telephone let the stupid world pass me by success or mess I don't care I just wanna get high but if you think that I'm running away from my problems you"
  • Crime - Apt 3g
    "My friends wonder what's gone wrong with me I'm not the nice guy I used to be I'm mean, malicious and I flaunt I'm looking to get everything that I want it's crime and everybody knows it I'm not just some"
  • Do The Wrong Thing - Apt 3g
    "Got married on Saturday to a girl from Salt Lake City moved out to the suburds we had a pet goat everywhere we would go the goat would go too watch our love - making with eyes slitted and blue one night"
  • Incinerator - Apt 3g
    "I'm going to Seattle with a shotgun in my hand I'm gonna blow your ass away because you dissed my band I despise you you're probably just a four - eyed geek whose values are insane I'm gonna take a rusty"
  • It Ain't Right - Apt 3g
    "Who's gonna take you homme in the morning same one that took you home with them last night you wake up tried but you aren't lonely do you ever think to yourself that it ain't right it ain't right to treat"

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