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  • Bubble - Rudimentary Peni
    "You have a bubble of hope you live inside, you're surrounded by tokens and symbols of hope. It's your choice O.K., but I won't follow, smug in your bubble of hope. You have a bubble of hope you live"
  • Bubble - Sean Paul
    "(feat. Farenheit) Well it's my girl, child caw dem cyaan Spend time an pon di style an yun dun kno Yuh haffi get wild, wuh me say Easy, Sean-A-Paul bun di fire Yuh dun kno Fahrenheit elongside di Neptunes Bring"
  • Bubble - Ani DiFranco
    "I hated to pop the bubble Of me and you But it only held enough oxygen For a trip or two To the moon and back again Tell me, do you remember when Our love had such grace We were floating above this whole"
  • Bubble - Red House Painters
    "i know i don't know you i know that we don't think along the same lines but what do i do when i can't reach out through this iron-built bubble of pain your house settled in deep country with acres and"
  • Bubble - Skiantos
    "Io mi faccio un rock Io mi mangio un crack Non ne posso piu` Abbassa la TV! Chorus: Non sopporto la tua rabbia c'ho la testa che mi scoppia non mi piace far la coppia dammi solo bubblegum Vieni qui"
  • Bubble - Peter Hammill
    "Let's begin at the top: there's no reason to think that this will ever stop, so let's go back and start again; in this finite uncertainty we'll circle round and then sail a craft of self-conviction across"
  • Bubble Pop - Hyuna
    "Bubble Pop! Bubble Pop! Cheombuteo ttokgatji nal bakkuryeo haji ma Animyeon charari dareun saram manna (U uuu neo) tudeoldaeji ma (U uuu neo) Bamneutge nagaseo nolmyeon jom eottae Eojjeoda jeonhwa an"
  • Bubble Gum - Brigitte Bardot
    "Aimer toujours le mme homme C'est des histoires la gomme L'amour mon vieux c'est tout comme Du bubble bubble gum Tu billes et tu t'tires comme Tu clates de rire comme Tu es rose ple comme Mon bubble"
  • Bubble Gum - Mirrordead
    "Can you feel it? This exitment when I sayd Take this bitch out of my way out of my sight (out of my sight) stinky fucker aren't you ? now you're with whore I don't blame you take your bitch and go away go"
  • Bubble Gum - Banaroo
    "Bub-Bubble Gum In the rain and the sun Bub-Bubble Gum Every day I have Fun I get up every morning Take my bubble gum My parents give a warning Beware of chewing on Day in and day out I cannot live without"
  • (Little) Bubble - The Ordinary Boys
    "Friday night and you're on the phone To everyone you've ever known Nothing grand to celebrate With all the people that you hate Half an hour spent in the bath Dry your hair in the aftermath ... Johnny"
  • Plastic Bubble - ALO
    "When was the last time that you cried And what was it about? Were they tears of joy? Were they tears of doubt? It's bigger than we'll ever know From the furthest star To the center of our souls Ooh,"
  • Boogie Bubble - Lake Of Tears
    "Vague shadows, purple-toned sky Full moon and nightbirds on my mind Cloud demons with wands of doom Chanting lines of solitude Boogie bubble refrain, boogie, boogie bubble refrain, again Upon clouds"
  • Bubble Baby - Clouds
    "Bubble baby, what do you see, the core, the pit, the whole Of me? Bubble baby, what do you know, the ins, the outs, what does not show Between Below Behind Besides all that I want to come in, I've been"
  • Mobile Bubble - Beady Belle
    "I'm going forward in a mobile bubble I am on my way to a blank page That's where the future is as yet novel It's coming towards me while I age I'm going forward in a mobile bubble And all the shapes"
  • Tryna Bubble - Yukmouth
    "Yeah, from Benz's, big houses, mansions, big shit huh Sitting on dubs, ha ha, we bout to bubble My nigga Ready Wear Motherfuckin Gamblaz Nigga 2001, 2001 Here we come, here we come (Verse 1) I was ripping"
  • Bubble Bath - Mechanical Poet
    "Another day of shameful living's coming to an end Twelve hours of jests and hurting words that Mickey's used to stand A daily dose of cruel gibes, a sorrow's set in emerald eyes Who the hell needs such"
  • The bubble - Arashi
    "Boku ni chikara wo Yeah... Wow Yeah Ah-Boku ni chikara wo tsutaeru chikara woDaiji na koto dakara dare ni mo ienai n' daManazashi de dakishimeruFutsuu no hanashi dake kurikaeseba iiOwaranai sou kidzukareru"
  • Bubble Gum - Fabolous
    "Artist(Band):Fabolous Artist: Fabolous Album: Song: Bubble Gum *DJ Clue Talking Hurry up girl if you wanna get some Hurry up girl if you wanna get some Hurry up girl if you wanna get some Hurry up"
  • Bubble bath - Shawn Desman
    "Girl- "hello"Shawn- "yo what's up gurl, what's up gurl what u doin?"Girl- "wats up"Shawn-"so,ah,are you gonna come over or are we goina hang out or what?"Girl- "why what's goin' on?"Shawn- "you know i'm"

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