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��abso m��ody boss

  • Boss Tycoon - Mac Dre
    "(Mac Dre) Uh, what Nigga what....let's do it, (nigga what) Nigga what....Like that (Verse 1: Mac Dre) I know, doe ray me But no I'm not a R&B sanger I'm a gangter rapper throwin' the middle fanger To"
  • You're The Boss - Brian Setzer
    "Written by j. lieber and m. stoller When it comes to kissin', I just got to keep insistin' Baby, you sure do swing And when it comes to kissin', I just got to keep insistin' Daddy, you are the king Baby,"
  • I'm The Boss - E.S.G.
    "(*talking*) Hope my mic on out there, ha Cause if its on, y'all gon feel it Know I'm talkin bout E.S.G. and Slim Thug, we the boss hogg outlaws Ha, we out here grinding, putting in work, ha Traveling state"
  • Who's The Boss? - St. Lunatics
    "Now who that is talkin' that about the Tics? Somebody probably jealous cuz they got hit But ain't nobody else droppin' hits like this Should we apologize? Naw never, just leave 'em I'm like what's"
  • Big Boss Lee - Royal Crown Revue
    "This town shuts down too damn soon (We don't like it, we don't like it) No dancin' room and no saloon (We don't like it, we don't like it) Got the itch, gotta scratch Man there's just one catch 2 a.m."
  • Boss - Rick Ross
    "(feat. Dre) Run how you want, boss Chill how you want, boss Floss how you want, boss Do whatcha like Go rock your chain, boss Pour that champagne, boss Keep getting paid, boss Do Whatcha like Ross,"
  • Boss - Ini Kamoze
    "Sorry I'm late but I had to pay my water rate Boss, boss, me little late and ya going on bad Boss, boss work overtime yeat ya didn't see that Boss, boss do this do that driving me mad Boss, boss grey hair"
  • Boss - Bushido
    "ich denke mit dem mic, schreib es auf ein blatt schick mir den termin per sms, ich komm' und zieh euch ab es sind meine strassen und ich drehe krumme dinger, denn ich scheiss auf alles, weil ich will"
  • Boss - Dawid Obserwator x Major SPZ x Kali
    "Ty robisz tutaj wioskę A masz markową bluzkę Dla mnie jest bossem matka Która sama idzie z wózkiem Wolę odczuwać pustkę Niż tonąc w gadkach Jebie twoje all-inclusive tripy w bani Weź się zatkaj! Ja idę"
  • Boss - Sonny Black & Frank White
    "(Bushido) Ich denke mit dem Mic schreib es auf ein Blatt Schick mir den Termin per SMS und ich komm und zieh euch ab Es sind meine Strassen und ich drehe krumme Dinger den Ich schei auf alles weil ich"
  • Boss - Aggro Berlin
    "(Bushido) Ich denke mit dem Mic schreib es auf ein Blatt Schick mir den Termin per SMS und ich komm und zieh euch ab Es sind meine Strassen und ich drehe krumme Dinger den Ich schei auf alles weil"
  • Boss - Diana Ross & The Supremes
    "I've been crying 'Cause I'm lonely (for you) Smiles have all turned to tears But tears won't wash away the fears That you're never ever gonna return To ease the fire that within"
  • Boss - Ayumi Hamasaki
    "15-second version:BOSS Itsumo soba ni ite neBOSS kesshite watashi ni misutenai de onegaiBOSS I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU...........30-second version:BOSS itsu mo soba ni ite neBOSS watashi ni soba ni ite"
  • Boss - NRG
    "Baby shake shake shake for the party time Like crazy dancer's body like crazy dancer's body Baby yeah yeah yeah scream all night Like crazy singer's music like crazy singer's music (Rap) Its a burning"
  • Boss - Sodastream
    "Who's gonna blow the whistle now who's gonna hang his robes who's gonna bring the wedding down it was only one it was only one it's over now for me the evening has come bought a lighter meal heading out"
  • BOSS - Disclosure
    "I can feel And baby I like it .. She's not bossy You look goot in purple But whe she looks behind this eyebrows I can feel... And magic will safe us And baby I like it!"
  • My Bossa Nova - Pizzicato Five
    "(montefiori/nomiya) Translator: andrei cunha Mukashi anata ga suki datta Natsukashii record M ni do to kikanai to Omotte ita kedo Ano natsu no hi anata ni Dakishimerarete Soshite watashi wa Koi ni koi"
  • Een Bossie Rooie Rozen - Alex
    "Als je met me mee wilt gaan Wij samen hier vandaan Heb jij voor mij gekozen Elke dag en elke nacht Ben jij het die weer lacht Ik ben en blijf je gozer Samen zijn we met z'n twee Ik"
  • Ode To M - Limp
    "I know this girl Monica she's from Santa Monica or somewhere from down there She moved up here recently and is very friendly I feel special when she's near YOU POOR MONICA, I FEEL BAD WHEN YOU'RE SAD"
  • Space Boss - T. Rex
    "Space Boss Space Boss Wrapped and packed and pressed to go out Rock and Roll is welcome where I'm at Are you the space boss Will you see me at any cost Are you are you are you are you Are you now Are"

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