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  • Aluzja - Against All Odds
    "Nie mam zamiaru mówić Ci jak masz żyć Sam powinieneś wiedzieć, co jest dla Ciebie dobre Chciałbym tylko z Tobą porozmawiać Bo widzę, że się oszukujesz Tak bardzo chcesz być prawdziwy Lecz nawet nie potrafisz"
  • Bolt - Dawid Grzelak
    "Zamawiam Uber a przyjeżdża Bolt Zamawiam Uber a przyjeżdża Bolt Zamawiam Uber a przyjeżdża Bolt Prawie jak Rolce Royce ale stary Golf Robi się jasno, zmieniam picking point A rano znowu będę zdychać bo Zamawiam"
  • Bolt - Ben Lee
    "Well she talks like a bullet And she looks like a goddess Says she's a traveler And she knows where she's going Dresses like a model Talks like a liar She sounds like a bimbo But she thinks like"
  • Lightening Bolt - Jake Bugg
    "Morning, it’s another pure grey morning Don’t know what the day is holding When I get uptight And I walk right into the path of a lightning bolt Sirens of an ambulance comes howling Right through the"
  • Bez aluzji - Olek Grotowski i Ma
    "Hej, nie ma rady na to, Chodzi wódka za tatą, Taka z niej bestia chytra. Na przedzie tata drepta, A za nim o pół metra Tupta sobie pół litra... Już nam się to nie przykrzy, Bo jużeśmy "przywykłszy", Jak"
  • Bolt In My Heart - Racer X
    "Got the gear, got the gas, got compression She's the one gonna lesson my load I'll make her shine in a cold pure perfection Feel the gleam as I'm startin' to roll Pouring on the speedway heat She is my"
  • A Bolt Of Blazing Gold - Dark Tranquillity
    "A bolt of blazing gold, lifted from the horizon's edge Another radiant dawn sends new hope, avowed my hearty pledge My yearning to be part of nature's truthful solitude Of wisdom's inner light that shines"
  • The bolt of cupid felt - Darkseed
    "When fourty nights shall besiege Your brow and dig deep wounds in Your beauty now Your youth's prout livery so gazed on me tomorrow will be darkened sealed Look how a bird lies tangled in a net Pure shame"
  • Captain Caveman - Lightning Bolt
    "I don't know what you've been told That streets should be paved with gold I can't know just what you read But health is all the wealth I need Birds and squirrels and bees and trees All the things"
  • Dead Cowboy - Lightning Bolt
    "Take George Bush to Afghanistan He's gonna bathe in a river of blood He wants to party till the wheels fall off Six feet under ground What the world needs Is another dead cowboy Take George Bush"
  • This Time It's War - Bolt Thrower
    "Intimidation - you cannot take much more No compromise - this time it's war Take none alive - their battle cry roars Nowhere to hide - this time it's war Face the fear that grips your mind The final"
  • Ritual - Bolt Thrower
    "Remembering promises Once made but now unspoken Born of child like minds These shadows of the past are now forsaken From the dawn of your first day To this death bed on which you lay To survive we must"
  • Spearhead - Bolt Thrower
    "Spearhead Spearhead marching onward Take my soul sacrificial offering Your initial strike taken by surprise Now left alone, condemned by my pride Drained of all emotion - body now an empty shell There's"
  • Celestial Sanctuary - Bolt Thrower
    "As the sky turns black and the earth sleeps in peace Roaming the clouds in search of a sacred place Spirits soar higher to a land where they are king Mortals shells left with you, within shadows they"
  • Dying Creed - Bolt Thrower
    "Fallen are the people of a decaying race Now proclaiming the legacy inherited too late - too late Mankind - The dying creed, Reared on ignorance and greed On suffering we feed devouring all beyond our"
  • Through The Ages - Bolt Thrower
    "From the Roman conquest of Britain in the year 43 AD to 61 AD To the Saxon raids between 205 and 537 AD Followed by viking raids from 719 to around 1016 The Norman conquest of 1066, including the battle"
  • Crown Of Life - Bolt Thrower
    "Rising - From mundane existence A new world - Seen through your eyes To deception - Give no resistance All your hopes and dreams are now sanctified Blind to the hypocrisy Goodness is all that you see Your"
  • Lament - Bolt Thrower
    "The time has come to leave this place - never to return Nothing's left but ashes - my body now is spurned Your sorrow will subside in time - my one, true, only friend There is one thing we can do - to"
  • Spearhead (Extended Remix) - Bolt Thrower
    "Spearheads Spearhead - Pierces through you Fear numbs my mind, persecutes you Spearhead - Marching onwards Take my soul, sacrificial offering Your initial strike taken by surprise Now left alone, condemned"
  • Remembrance - Bolt Thrower
    "Nightmare world Reflected as a dream Vision blurred This surely can not be Twisted now Far from reality Delving into depths Mankind's depravity Violated planet - world bureaucracy Graved with resentment"

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