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  • We Need An Anthem - Schleprock
    "We want a message, not misdirection Some need an icon, one they can latch on Better get some answers Gotta get some answers We're not their underachievers And we don't play follow the leader Got our backs"
  • We Know An Ending - Jack Greene
    "I never thought that you'd be leaving me and even now it's so hard to believe But even the blind at times can see the sun at least we know an ending when it comes I guess I've missed a lot of things you"
  • We Bring An Arsenal - Lostprophets
    "Bite that lip, Cause your tongue is a gun and your brain is the trigger, Fire at will, Oh I doubt that mouth could get any bigger, Live in hypocrisy, those skies are always sunny, You're never gonna be"
  • Gniazdka - BonSoul (Bonson x Soulpete)
    "jak gniazdo się wije zawsze spadnie kilka piór jak przyjdą po nie żmije czasem spadnie kilka głów jako wolny ptak nie kminisz jeszcze co to konsekwencje i tak latasz po Polsce, a co będzie, to se będzie młode"
  • Great Day For An Airstrike - Ever We Fall
    "Their secrets are untouched Oblivious to what you're thinking it's not what matters most Just the views of the ones speaking We can learn a new way to give Where it wouldnt be so hard to give Their stories"
  • An Ever-Growing Wonder - We Came As Romans
    "I am the man in the mirror. My reflection, I aspire to be. In your reflection what do you see? False fault or a masterpiece? But a masterpiece starts with a single stroke and empires start in an open field. (I"
  • An Offer - Rheostatics
    "Tim Vesely See what I have to offer, and take your time. Then maybe make an offer that makes you mine. You reason hard and sober, that's half way true. Then after you've had your water, I wine, I wine. I"
  • An Epitaph - Darkest Hour
    "The future five align. Empty promises find us all the time. Would you put it all on the line for the lost and frozen years? Leave us the bastard sons. Leave us the broken ones- To fend for ourselves, one"
  • We - Endless
    "there are people who are like tongues of fire flame everything that they touch turns to ash there are people who are like a pile of dust just one touch and they fall apart, nothing remains everyone has"
  • An Admission - This Is A Standoff
    "All you said was an admission that made me realize All that's left is some books the detailed what we have But that's not the same now is it I could have asked you a thousand times but reprimand's unfair We're"
  • An Experiment - Mates of State
    "Do you want to go dry now So that I can say we're holding on tomorrow? Unforgivable faults, nonsense Do you want to go dry now So that I can say we're holding out today? Unforgettable starts, ahhh"
  • We - Eminem
    "::::EMINEM:::: Nothing can stop and nothing can change and you better just make new livin' arrangments if you think, you the top and king of the castle you about to be thrown off the throne and ripped"
  • An Exercise - John Frusciante
    "Learning there's nothing to gain from advice Hey doubt, come on around any time Anyhow mistakes are what lead you through life Down and out's only if you think up and in's right I've gone along with the"
  • An Unkind - Soundgarden
    "We see the vipers of distance Crawl into our lives everyday Breeding our Edens of hatred Pathetically stupid and unkind We couldn't look a saint in the eyes On the storm It's time to go On the storm It's"
  • An ending - Anything Box
    "Anyone Can see that this is over and I?m walking away You know I can?t stay Here today No, there?s no way Do you know The places that we ran to have been Pushed away by pride Or the darker side of who"
  • An Epiphany - The Send
    "When a world is in your arms You try to pull it all apart And keep the pieces not too far We could wish upon a star Or dream of kisses in the dark But then we'd wake to find our hearts I have whispered"
  • An Offering - Neurosis
    "these are offerings forgiven to the eye of spirits and law intrinsic fire witness the time of iron reflections of the snake reflections of the tree chaos fills our landing, the wizard points to the"
  • An Apology - Hangnail
    "It's hard to take the blame But sometimes credit's due Its easier to rearrange What's wrong from what is true The focus is not on you What part could I have had I'm sorry if I messed things up I wasn't"
  • An Apology - Sixpence None the Richer
    "Questions flew And words were hurled into the air And when the smoke had cleared I saw you lying there I used my words like bullets in a gun To pick your ego off like skeet flung In the gallery of fools Too"
  • An I for An I - IAMX
    "You owe it to the willing souls, To the white light. Double bluff and figure: An Eye for an Eye. We go into the TV, To the motherland smile, Apocalypse and rapture psyche in: An Eye For An Eye. If you're"

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