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��ma clock machine

  • Shot Clock - Ella Mai
    "24 seconds yeah you better non stop you got 24 seconds can you beat the shot clock? whatchu waiting in lil daddy I ain’t got that much time you seem anxious you seem adamant but you ain’t pressed my line wondering"
  • Machine - Anne-Marie
    "I feel an ache in my body But if only I'd have no bones I know the air isn't breathable And it's no good for my lungs I feel an anger inside of me Burns like the sun in my chest I got no patience or self-control God"
  • Spadać i Latać - CLOCK MACHINE
    "Dziś powietrze gęste jest I ma słodki smak Odsuwam na bok świta I dziele na dwa Wciąż mamy jeszcze czas By spadać i latać Ten wieczór ma zapach tych pierwszych chwil lata Pozwól temu płynąc To ten najlepszy"
  • The Grandfather Clock - Aceyalone
    "(jabberwocky) Excuse me, does anyone have the time? No!!! (aceyalone) If you knew what makes me tick It'll probably make you sick Lay my days of my life in front of you And I'll let you take your pick Come"
  • Clock - Coal Chamber
    "Clock tick tick tick, tick tock, tick tock Wicked mind you hold the hour But my mind it holds the power Clock tick tick tick Where did the time go ? What do I have to show ? Watching the time fly (go by)"
  • Clock - Kenny Price
    "Now I'd looked at you old clock for a long time And each glance makes a change for the worse Cause you just keep movin' me towards tomorrow but I wish you would run in reverse Twenty four hours ago she"
  • Clock - Milla Jovovich
    "I'm locked in a box With a window and a clock Sometimes I can't sleep I watch the second hand feeding Time is ticking, ticking And the flowers are dripping, dripping I am awake and I cannot sleep All"
  • Clock - Beck
    "Is it come and gone Is it long before the spirit shaves his legs? Is it wrapped in trash Sent back to a sanitation tank? Is it disinfected, disconnected 'Til it grafts some wires? Is it sped up,"
  • Time Machine - Peter Baumann
    "When I was young When I had fun Life was so simple Nothing to do No one to fear Nowhere to run to Chorus: Time machine Time machine - carry me back Time machine Carry me back - carry me back When I was"
  • La Machine - Dani
    "Je me suis achete une machine Une machine qui ne fabrique rien Chaque fois que j'y mets 20 centimes elle me repond: "merci bien" Il y a des boutons partout Moi les boutons a me rend dingue Je les appuie"
  • Time Machine - Axxis
    "Hear the clock as time goes by We're born, we live, we die Clockwork burns in my brain Flashes are driving me insane The past is not to change Only the future can ever be rearranged I'm on this trip"
  • Rhythm Machine - Bad Company
    "I'm a rhythm machine, you know what I mean I'm a rhythm machine, you know what I mean I got time, running through my head in bed Instead of sleep, how it looks instead I'm a rhythm machine, you know what"
  • Infinite Machine - Power Symphony
    "(D'Orlando / Cecconi) Intro: Live for the moment Past is gone Forever lost Like rain and tears Live for the torment Futile need To know why Time is coming close Infinite lost soul.. I'm perfect imitation"
  • Machine lover - Laam
    "Ds les premiers instantsJ'ai senti en mio natre l'amourEmpli de sentimentsDes joies et des peines vibraient en vousEt mon coeur d'acier entranaitMes questions dans le flouDs les premires lueursTournaient"
  • Ma - Ma
    "Chciała kiedyś mała Hela uczcić Dzień Nauczyciela Bo jej bardzo była droga ciężka praca pedagoga Duma przeto, dziecię słabe, jaką by mu zrobić labę Czy coś uszyć, czy coś kupić i się przy tym nie"
  • She's A Machine - Elvis Presley
    "(Words & music by Joy Byers ) Well she's a.. Earth quakin', hip shakin', soul breakin', love makin' Machine...hey hey!! She's a mad stalkin', smooth talkin', slow walkin' cat You know what I mean..hey"
  • Man And Machine - Saxon
    "Blue bird skimming on razor's edge the legend will be born The race is on against the clock in the silence of the dawn The greatest bird to ever fly the fastest of her breed Pushing out the envelope to"
  • The Gene Machine - Frameshift
    "(Music: Pauly/LaBrie/Guadagnoli) (Lyrics: Pauly/Cash/Guadagnoli) (Feat. Nik Guadagnoli - additional guitars) Born natural machines For changing information Changing me Ride the River out of Eden The flow"
  • Hey Ma - Do Or Die
    "Mmmh Ain't this some shh Here's another one Here's another one yup (Chorus 2x) Hey ma what's up you right I'm right throwback too tight tonight sho night shotgun we ride P-O P-I-M-P-I-N (Verse one) Fire"
  • Social Riot Machine - The GazettE
    "RIOTS STAR!!!! Gomi gomi gouhou wa? Gomigomi gomigomigee. Densen de waai, kuroukuri, concord roshi Ee rafaa! Minna rafaa! raamen kure rafaa! Mizu, Why? Kuroumin, koukou n toki no wasshoi! Fashion sense"

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