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��o��nierz fortuny deep purple

  • Deep Purple - Iwao Junko
    "sore wa dare no sei demo nakutte Anata ga otoke de Kitto dare no sei demo nakutte Watashi ga onna de Tokubetsu koko de nakutte ii keredo Tasogare ni fune o tatanda Umi no soba ga ii no Domokaku tadoritsuite"
  • Deep purple - Mark Lanegan
    "When the deep purple falls over sleepy garden walls And the stars begin to flicker in the sky Through the mist of a memory you wander back to me Breathing my name with a sigh In the still of the night"
  • Deep purple - Dean Martin
    "When the deep purple falls Over sleepy garden walls And the stars begin to flicker in the sky Through the mist of a memory You wander back to me Breathing my name with a sigh In the still of the night"
  • Deep Purple - Katie Melua
    "When the deep purple falls, Over sleepy garden walls, And the stars begin to flicker in the sky, Through the mist of a memory, You wander back to me, Breathing my name with a sigh. In the still of the"
  • Purple World - Big Moe
    "Welcome to the purple world, it go down Candy coated streets of crime, we grind S Coup with the ceiling recline, we shine Represent it till the end of time, cause it's mine I'ma represent it I'ma make"
  • Purple Weed - Mondo Marcio
    "Damn uomoo.. sshit..ah.. questa merda forte! uomo.. (eheh)..ahah! Damn right questo come lo faccio quando mi chiamano a.. ( fare su..) Con una canna grossa come un braccio e vado per non.. (tornare"
  • Purple Gang - Proof
    "(Intro: Proof) Yeah, ha hah! It's your boy DJ Seven-Duece It's a lot of hoes in here fellas, ha hah! So why you lookin at that other nigga? Ha hah! All the ladies with burgundy hair get in free! Heh, I"
  • Purple Heart - Sabaton
    "When we signed up for the army to a rangers company armed with M16's straight into the war Then we served under the banner clad in US stars an stripes and on moonless nights we marched for endless miles Once"
  • Żołnierz Fortuny - Turbo
    "Wśród wzburzonych fal, Poprzez chmury i deszcz, Płynie wielki galeon, Poganiany przez śmierć. Trzeszczą maszty i ster, Rwą się liny i żagle Szum zawiei, ryk wód Śmierć nie zaśnie!, nie zaśnie! Ref.:"
  • Koło fortuny - PRO8L3M
    "wbijasz jej numer do noki a nie w koreański idziemy na murek, kitramy w mojej kostce warki w "Kole Fortuny” wygrał poloneza Kowalski W Sheratonie przeliczają marki, legalny biznes piłkarski W 80 audi,"
  • Purple Onion - Colonel Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade
    "A purple onion... Purple Onion... Purple onion everybody laugh now Purple onion everybody cry Purple onion lookin' down at B.O.B. when he crashed his motorcycle and he died Old Bob Zimmerman knew the purple"
  • Purple Red Soil - Flowing Tears
    "a fading plastic sun I cry to breathe your odour by my side afraid a tear could fall and dry... a summer a drying fish an aimless frown indifferent words in velvet sound a stranded love too weak to drown..."
  • Deep, Deep Trouble - The Simpsons
    "Bart: Let me start at the start, then take it away My name is Simpson, Bartholomew J. That's Bart with an "art" and a capital "B" Then "simp" plus "s-o-n" that's me Introductions aside, let's move right"
  • Purple City Byrd Gang - Purple City
    "(Shiest Bub) Yo it's Shiest Bub yea you know I'm a veteran 10th grade I was a VARSITY letterman Introduced to crack, Now we headed to Maryland Feinds knockin' at the door, Go 'head nigga let 'em in Yea"
  • Intro (Purple Haze) - Cam'ron
    "Welcome to Purple Haze, previously written 2001 2, 0-4, 76, they wired my mom Couple weeks prior to Ja Must've been the year of Murderous killas Murderers that murder and kill for scrilla O.G.'s wit herb"
  • The Cut Runs Deep - Deep Purple
    "Got your finger on the trigger Your cold eyes taking aim You took a shot at my heart Let the bullets fly Tell me has one of them got my name What about the heartache What about the emptiness inside It"
  • River Deep, Mountain High - Deep Purple
    "When you were a young girl Did you have a rag doll The only doll you've ever owned Now I'll love you just the way you loved that rag doll Only now my love has grown It gets stronger as the river flows Deeper"
  • Rapture Of The Deep - Deep Purple
    "(Airey/Gillan/Glover/Morse/Paice) I told you once about a place that I had accidentally stumbled upon Can you imagine how it feels to find somewhere that you can do no wrong But it's alright you're safe"
  • Nierz - Dezerter
    "W ministerstwie niesprawiedliwości Dzielą właśnie łupy W ministerstwie chorób i śmierci Wirusy i kościotrupy Minister chamstwa i kiczu Przydziela dotacje hipokrytom A minister przemocy Wręcza ordery"
  • Purple - Project Pat
    "(feat. Beanie Sigel) Ha-ha! Yeah, yeah yeah, it's goin' down, down This for all my niggaz... That be on that purple... That pur-pur-pur-purple purple drank yeah... that purple weed yeah... Hypnotize"

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