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��zy fisher

  • Zy - Mor W.A.
    "Ref.: Chociaż trzeba się przedzierać, nie ma co wybierać To musi docierać - żyć nie umierać Być albo nie być, oto jest pytanie Czy jesteś w stanie odpowiedzieć na nie Docenić własne istnienie, to"
  • Mr. Fisher - Marcy Playground
    "Mr. Fisher Magic Monkey Wrenches Plumbing Service Open in the trenches All the la-de day long With a la-de-da-de day song And his girl, Sally Pickwit Fancied chemistry and Made some liquid For her radiator Now"
  • Dolly Fisher - Ghinzu
    "Guess what we've brought you now for christmas We thought about a special gift Her name is Dolly, Dolly Fisher She s a kind of voodoo doll Break the coffin, she's inside Press the button, she walks Whatever"
  • Saturday Night Fisher - Malibu Stacy
    "Early morning Have a look at your clock It's great to be there It's all that much You just have to be there You won't have to talk With smiles upon your face Everyone will love you Such a feeling Coming"
  • Four fingered fisher man - Modest Mouse
    "You're in the back seat and you say to yourself"OK it doesn't matter anyway"it's weeds pulling weeds and your Blaming yourselfOk we're all indifferent in our own waysYou're in trouble now and you say to"
  • Search 4 bobby fisher - Dilated Peoples
    "Yo.. it's like this man Every once in a while when motherfuckers pop off at the lip Somebody get brought into this shit that don't have nuttin to do with this shit right? But none the less You wanna start"
  • The last time (ft. Fisher) - The Thrillseekers
    "You touched me You answered You loved me No one on earth could ever make me Make me feel So loved, so complete You have your own way The only answer to every reason That I can dream of The one solution"
  • Cindy, Oh Cindy (Eddie Fisher Version) - The Beach Boys
    "Cindy, oh Cindy Cindy don't let me down Write me a letter soon And I'll be homeward bound I joined the Navy to see the world But nowhere could I find A girl as sweet as Cindy The girl I left behind"
  • Cud - FISHER
    "Utwór 'Cud' od FISHER. Premiera 27 czerwca 2022r."
  • Taka Idealna - MENELAOS & FISHER
    "Premiera wspólnego utworu MENELAOS i FISHER - Taka Idealna - planowana jest na 11 maja 2018 roku."
  • A Different Kind - Fisher
    "we never play kissy-face in front of strangers we never run to each other in slow motion no rolling around on the shore with sand between our toes but i guess this is a different kind of wonderful we're"
  • Any Way - Fisher
    "You can take me away from my sorrow But you can't take away my scars I stand in the middle of the highway Playing chicken with the cars It's not that I'm destructive I Just want to feel your pain If there"
  • Breakable - Fisher
    "Do you always have to tell him everything on your mind? You know that too much honesty can be so unkind. Everytime you throw him to the floor, Why are you surprised to see He's breakable? You always"
  • Dirty Girl - Fisher
    "I had your name in my head with 'Mrs.' on it You had no clue what mine was but did not care I came looking for the mate of my soul you were out looking for someone just for the night So here I go again,"
  • Don't Wanna Love You - Fisher
    "You're everything that I could dream Every time you look at me 'make me feel like I'm queen of the world You're so amazing it's insane Can't find a single thing I would even change if you were mine But"
  • Had To - Fisher
    "Can you tell me why have I come? Why am I in Chicago? I just wanted to kiss the bride, I didn't think I would be seeing you. And I had to laugh. You were shaking my hand as if we'd never met. And I had"
  • He Rocks My World - Fisher
    "oh i see him but he dont see me and my heart beats so faintly i'd like to show him who i am but i'm to shy (drums) DAMN... i'd like to look into his eyes and he is worth a thousland tries but he is just"
  • Human - Fisher
    "You came up, once again Seems you're the topic of every single conversation I was the one, once again making apologies, all in your defence Just give her time. Chorus: It's all right if you fall You"
  • I Will Love You - Fisher
    "Til my body is dust til my soul is no more I will love you, love you Til the sun starts to cry and the moon turns to rust I will love you, love you But I need to know will you stay for all time forever"
  • Mary - Fisher
    "I woke up and Mary was still gone, Thought if I stopped hurting, she would come back to me. Walk right through the door and say "Aha! I was only joking, didn't you look silly crying." But I wake up and"

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