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'yes i'm the one, one to dance tonight


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'yes i'm the one, one to dance tonight

  • Dance tonight - Madonna
    "(Madonna:)Move your bodyGet me from across the floorEverybody's watchin'But I just wanna give you moreDon't care bout nothin'Im fallin' for your love in the worst way(Justin:)Move closerI can feel your"
  • One Tonight - Chris LeDoux
    "Girl, I recognize the smoke in your eyes I've seen it in mine too We both had been burned, hard lessons learned From making some bad moves We keep looking for the perfect time and place Good things don't"
  • Yes - New Buffalo
    "Yes I know what you like best Yes Yes Yes I get the feeling that You're tired of all my moody ways I'm tired of living moody days Yes One more breath and I will become A river that is deep and still I'd"
  • Yes - Kierra Kiki Sheard
    "Why say no, when you can yes? It's so easy, come on and say yes. You can change your life, if you can say yes, not tomorrow, but today, yes. Everybody's got them days when they down, no one to call"
  • Yes - Black Sheep
    "Yo! The Black Sheep has arisen here, oh dear The cat's out the bag and it's the end of your career Don't spit it out, let it persevere I like to see my dick snot disappear I got inch out the edge, Lawnge"
  • One Dance - Dan Bern
    "One Dance Because I love you I get tongue tied around you I never say smart stuff around you I never say anything around you That makes you want to be with me So, because I love you I will never be with"
  • I'm The One - The Cheetah Girls
    "Oh yeah... Woah... Mhm... C'mon... Nobody can sing like me I can hit every note you give for me From A to Z Yes I can Nobody can dance like me I can move to the beat your playin' Baby with my feet Yeah"
  • One Last Dance - Badly Drawn Boy
    "As we lay here tonight Please forgive me girl if I say the future is not bright But please take my hand and we'll have one last dance in the place where we first met eyes Holy city zoo I recall the name"
  • Tonight - Terry Lee Hale
    "Say no more, I'll take the chance You've had your share I know But I'm not that kind of man I'll take care And besides, I've got a different kind of plan Why don't we just hold hands? Not forever and a"
  • Yes - Angerfist
    "I come over here... for professional reasons, nothing else. On a professional mission. I've gotta get a team together I've gotta hand pick a team I had you in mind for that team. But quite frankly your"
  • Yes - Amber
    "Ohhh yeah yeah Saw him once in the hills Water in the canyon Skin warmth by the sun I brushed up against him Wild flowers on fire And then I asked him with my eyes To ask again (yes) And then he asked"
  • Yes - Crushead
    "may I go out tonight? can I be myself? do you explain to me why you want nothing to do with me anymore sorry, but today I have no time. always the same excuses: no problem, i'm gonna do this tomorrow. is"
  • Yes! - Chad Brock
    "She moved into my old apartment That's how we got this whole thing started She called and said that I had mail waiting there for me I told her that I'd come and get it How could I know in just a minute That"
  • One Last Dance - Craig David
    "One last dance with you Even though what we have is strong Both of us know that we've done wrong You could lose everything Need to give it up Just one last dance with you For all the moments that"
  • Say Yes - Floetry
    "See I've been watching you for a while your smile and stuff and I don't know if I can be with you for tonight alright, is that alright baby, baby There is only one for me You have made that a possibility We"
  • Say Yes - K-Ci & JoJo
    "If its feeling good to ya, say yes If its feeling good to ya, say yes If its feeling good to ya, say yes If it's not feeling good, then say no If its feeling good to ya, say yes If its feeling good to"
  • Yes Yes Y'All - Backbone
    "We get the work, we do the dirt We drop the vert on the car We bend the corner off the floor Because they know who we are Yes, yes, y'all We on a money making mission Baby, stay on ya job In the Cut, drunk"
  • Yes Yes Y'all - Will Smith
    "Intro: Sonny Cheba yes at the start of the new jiggyness with the Trackmasters Camp Lo and Willie gon' give it to ya know what I mean lot of macoronis here check it out for all the tenderonis ah ha ha like"
  • Yes, Yes, Y'all - Geto Boys
    "Give it up for the invincible, it's H-Town's finest The GB, the general, the street shit, the timers The motherfuckin criminals, see we keep it grimy You niggaz chemicals, the weed got you blinded I'm"
  • One Chance - One Chance
    "(Pre-Verse:) I can't understand what I'm going through It's like every morning when I wake up I think of you I got you on my mind all the time You're a dime And I got to have you right by my side so Listen"

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