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,,It does not change anything

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,,It does not change anything

  • Anything - Leona Naess
    "Where, Where are we It got so misty I couldn't see And as you lay your head On this sunken bed Do you regret me? Chorus: Does my way destroy you, And if I knew, Could I stop these Habits of mine 'Cuz"
  • Anything - PFR
    "Nothing I can say Will matter anyway Just a faint display With me in the middle No more empty words Will anymore be heard All my minds and verbs Mean very little Like whispers thrown against the wind Empty"
  • Say Anything - Say Anything
    "Here I am, on the phone again & awkward silences on the other end I use to know the sound of a smile In your voice. But right now, (right now) all I feel (All I feel) Is the pain of the fighting starting"
  • Anything She Does - Genesis
    "You know, You decorate the garage walls, Hang in people's halls, Live in secret drawers, If you could look around you, Wonder what you'd see. Fiction. That's all you really are I know, Editorial dreams. They"
  • Not Okay With Change - 1st Lady
    "you say your not okay with change but then you turn around and walk away and leave me for a stranger what does she have that i dont have? does she kiss you like i kissed you? babe or miss you like im missin"
  • Change - Tracy Chapman
    "If you knew that you would die today Saw the face of god and love Would you change? Would you change? If you knew that love can break your heart When you're down so low that you cannot fall Would you"
  • Change - Jamestown Story
    "Everyone is watching Everyone is waiting Everywhere we look now all there is, is hating We just have no tolerance We don't compromise All we are is worthless objects in our own damn eyes! Carring for"
  • Change - And Then I Turned Seven
    "Everyone is watching, everyone is waiting. Everywhere we look now, all there is is hating. We just have no tolerance, we don't compromise. All we know is what this objects in our own damn eyes. Caring"
  • Change - Oingo Boingo
    "Don't you ever wonder why, nothing ever seems to change If it does it's for the worse, seems it's just a modern curse Sometimes when I take a peek outside of my little cage, Everyone looks so asleep, will"
  • Change - Justin King
    "I can't tell which way to turn All the voices in my head Is the choir insane? And nothing's being said The train is raging And the seams seem to want to tear (?) And it's quiet outside But we're falling"
  • Anything - Edyta Górniak
    "I would do, I would do anything For you anything, anything I would do anything for you If it is faith you are needing If it's the air I'm breathing I would give it all to you If it's a dream your after I'll"
  • Anything - Edyta Górniak
    "I would do, I would do anything For you anything, anything I would do anything for you If it is faith you are needing If it's the air I'm breathing I would give it all to you If it's a dream"
  • Anything - H-Blockx
    "(But gone)Since youve been goneIm trying to move onOn and on this winding road that I am onAnother day, I can hardly staySuddenly, I feel so extraordinary!Out of breathNonethelessRefrainId do anything"
  • Anything - One Night Only
    "You can have it all Anything you want Waking up to morning calls Nothing gives you more What excitement do you sense? Friday night and not much else And you count the money spent When you have it all We"
  • Anything - Seven Mary Three
    "In-divisible, you are the one Im-possible to hear, what you say to me And I, can I have some covers back So cold on the wrong side of the bed Are you awake, are you aware Are you anything Pictures high,"
  • Anything - Beckett
    "I'll follow the wind, Let it take me home, I have become someone, I do not know, I've fallen in love, With everyone I see, What must these strangers, Think of me. So I look to the east, Then I deal with"
  • Anything - Donots
    "Tell me something I haven't heard before Gimme what I need, something worth dying for Nothing's Ever Good enough For me I'm alwys Complaining A set of lungs, a pair of fists, a broken finger So gimme"
  • Anything - 112
    "Can't believe, you wanna leave, me so cold. All i really, wanted was, to be with you, baby. I can't imagine ever living life without you, I'll do anything for you. Chorus: Cause I'm all turned out, I don't"
  • Anything - Natalise
    "I see you everyday and it huts To know that you are not mine I hope that you will someday learn That in me love is what you'll find (chorus) Id do most anything For you to be here with me, cant you see Id"
  • Anything - Culture Beat
    "Is there anything more I can do for you Should my hair be red Or shall it be blue Is there anything more I can do for you Shall I let the green grass Turn black for you Is there something more You want"

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