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-Oblivious (Preview)

  • Preview - Juelz Santana
    "- Intro C'mon, Yo Rell, we missed you while you was gone man But you came home just in time, its Dipset season again Its time to go off So Gangsta, So Thug Rap Game, Sewed Up Sold Guns, Sold Drugs (juelz)"
  • Preview - Diplomats
    "(Juelz Santana)- Intro C'mon, Yo Rell, we missed you while you was gone man But you came home just in time, its Dipset season again Its time to go off (Hell Rell) So Gangsta, So Thug Rap Game, Sewed Up Sold"
  • Sneak Preview - Samy Deluxe
    "''(Samy Deluxe:)'' Ja, hier kommt ASD das Beste, wenn es um Rap geht, extrem, wie Sexszenen, Kids sollten weg sehn! ''(Afrob:)'' Checkt den, Leute wollen Rap seh'n entdeckt den Zugang zu Topthemen wer"
  • Sneak preview - Asd
    "Samy Deluxe: Ja, hier kommt ASD, Das Beste, wenn es um Rap geht, Extrem, wie Sexszenen, Kids sollten wegsehen. Afrob: Check den, ihr Leute wollt Rap sehn? Entdeckt den Zugang zu Top Themen, Wer will uns"
  • Saint Dominic's Preview - Van Morrison
    "Shammy cleaning all the windows, Singing songs about Edith Piaf's soul. And I hear blue strains of "no regredior" Across the street from Cathedral Notre Dame. Meanwhile back in San Francisco We're trying"
  • Preview Of Tomorrow - Luckdown
    "time is running out, an interest deluded. my memory, it fades. a falling star, a falling light. i can see just for this time. it's all clear now. (you're gone) like a sequel you'll return, half as good"
  • Preview Of Hell - Nasum
    "(Music & lyrics: Anders Jakobson) The worlds collide and crash outside I feel the cold winds passing by I'm armed and ready, so ready for more This is my last note from the war We never knew We never"
  • New York City Preview - Paul Van Dyk
    "I watch the sky turn black to blush Head still spinning from the rush Of all the things I did the night before And looking down from my hotel These dawn-lit streets begin to fill With memories of you"
  • (Preview) Streets On Lock - Young Jeezy
    "verse 1 these niggas jus hatin they aint talkin bout shyt(shyt) ima grown azz man I flip my own bricks(eyy) I dont need yo help I can own my own dick(haha) aint no muthaf**ka help me write my rhymes(nope) aint"
  • There's A Reason - Tom Verlaine
    "(Verlaine) walking slowly into romance lions roaring by the entrance. saw you standing in my heartbeat cinderella with a new treat. you're my thrill my dear but I can't keep still I fear. Close to zero"..."
  • Solex All Licketysplit - Solex
    "As soon as I got a paycheck, You ask me to make it hightech And to bleach my flecks. Tabloids will be all over it. Do you think I should be timid? all licketysplit. 'Upswing, plaything!' That's"
  • When I Was A Young Boy - Savoy Brown
    "when i was a young boy advice i would scorn now i'm gettin' a little older i know i got a lot to learn yesterday's illusions are tomorrow's smiles i'll look back and laugh baby, sometimes, in a while "
  • Bodom After Midnight - Children Of Bodom
    "(Hang on) got to go Preview what they oughtta know Keep your head down and fucking die (Wake up) rise and shine Gotta take another pint Dig heads and watch out for the night When the sun comes down and"
  • The Soundtrack To A Nightmare - Albert React
    "My knife has made its mark in your back And its better when its dark and pitch black So this is real yes we've Fallen and with chemicals this nightmare ends the preview has ended. I've got you inside under"
  • The Modern World - The Jam
    "This is a modern world - This is the modern world What kind of a fool do you think I am? You think I know nothing of the modern world All my life has been the same I've learned to live by hate and pain It's"
  • Niech ta noc nie ko - Ewa Sonnet
    "Dzień, dzień, dzień, do odejścia czai sięnoc, noc, noc, w swoje dłonie bierze mnietak, tak, tak, blisko siebie widzę cięchodź, chodź, chodź niech ta noc nie kończy się.Nie mów nic, zamknij oczypoczuj jak"
  • Begin and end - Theatre of Tragedy
    "Don't know inside from upside-downWe praise the famed unwittinglyIf we had read that we are but illiterateWhat would we do?Keep inventory of things that we do not oweEven at a standstill we are spinning"
  • Shouldn't It Be Me - Raze
    "Here I stand I'm a lucky man 'Cause I should have been dead but I stand here instead I'm alive Another one died in my place Through grace, the gift of God Caused my hope to revive I did the deeds I thought"
  • Real To Reel - Above The Golden State
    "My life has scripted lines like a movie And you're listening now My director's watchful eye is recording Every move and sound The camera's on, three, two, one, everyday Because it won't be long ~til it's"
  • Coming Attractions - Steven Curtis Chapman
    "(Steven Curtis Chapman) A day is coming When all will be fed There won't be a single hungry mouth Begging for bread A day is coming When every disease Will be swept away As mercy floods through every"

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