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. D.White no connect

  • Connect - The Cooper Temple Clause
    "No need to wait I'm heading off I don't feel like I want you as part of life How your eyes look sad and surprised I don't care I'm leaving tonight I've had enough You've given up I swore this would never"
  • Connect Me - Platinum Blonde
    "I look in your eyes, I see the deception You're holdin the only key You're fooling the fools, who think it's the real thing But there's just no foolin' me Connect me, don't break away Protect me 'ah'"
  • Connect/Disconnect - The Action Design
    "You You make it cheap by keeping score Once a blessing now a chore Always pressing, moving forward There is nothing too appreciated I know exactly where to go Above the clouds, where there's always sun I"
  • Rollin' Wit Connect - Allfrumtha-I
    "Allfrumtha-I Miscellaneous Rollin' Wit Connect Verse 1: Binky Mack You can't fuck with the criminal rapping over gangsta shit First I load the clip and then I make the hit I know some"
  • Connect The Dots - Ayreon
    "''(Ty Tabor:)'' I hugged the wife and drove to work today It was only a few miles Was in a hurry but the lights were changing up ahead So I stepped on the gas I checked the web and left it on over night Downloading"
  • Cali Tex Connect - South Park
    "Come slip into my darkness stop list got rich putting on the hot hits with true convicts block this studio 3 month blackout rap out the bad route and those who had doubt bad shout to all my boys at the"
  • Connect - Holly Valance
    "Why are you searching for another lover? Why don't you give me some respect? I wanna strong, sensitive guy I want him brow, but ever so shy A gentleman with dignity too If you don't get this, it ain't"
  • Connect - Xzibit
    "(dj hurricane) East, west, check this out Check it, ye-yeah, ye-yeah East east, west west, south south.. (chorus: dj hurricane) I got that east coast connect, west coast connect Dirty south connect, so"
  • Connect For - Common Market
    "Connect For: The sake of my beloved mentor Connect For: Those exposed to rain when it pours Connect For: The benefit of every last fan Who raised a hand on your command, let's Connect For: The chance to"
  • Re-Connect - Anathema
    "The fragments of connection died Some things just won't fade with time Hide behind a transparent eye You can't see me but I can you... Betray withouta moment's thought Regret nothing but getting caught Your"
  • Connect The Dots - The Spill Canvas
    "If your feet hurt from walking too much, Then I will tend to them with a velvet touch. If your lungs just don't wanna work today, Then I'll perform a mouth-to-mouth until you're okay. Don't you just love"
  • Connect (prod. Dudzik x Deckster) - Wac Toja
    "budzi się we mnie dzikość wieczna, która spoko jest chce na zębach poczuć srebrny grip grupy 925 to może budzić ich litość cicho cipo ma swój sens ty ze swą ekipą swą ekipą cała ludzkość jest Connect Connect dzwonie"
  • J.E. Picturephone (Reflect You, I Connect You) - Joy Electric
    "*Hello, I see you......* I connect We sort through discreet compartments I connect Buttons pop and click toward your requirements Reflect you, I connect Reflect you, I connect Reflect you, I connect"
  • No Bridge - Snapcase
    "anger, burns anger inside, makes my mind anger inside, makes my mind burn burn burn burn I'm on fire smoke runs through my veins ignited by the ignorance of those not insane there's no bridge there's no"
  • No Tomorrow - Suede
    "How long will it take to mends? How long will it take? It depends How long will I blow my money on? Parade and paperbacks Another moment to make me wonder, Another sentence to help me throw. Fight the"
  • No Regrets - Never Heard Of It
    "it's done yes time has told the answers in a bottle and it's resting all alone one time we were free to speak our mind how can you say you're happy? i can't even say I'm fine... *whoa, what was once"
  • No Retreat - Pacewon
    "Yo.. huh.. yo Roc-A-Blok, yo, Pacewon!! Yo.. yo.. Outsidaz in the house, huh Ruffhouse in the house, yo Who else in the house, yo Let 'em know.. Pacewon! Yo yo yo.. Roc-A-Blok, yo Yo yo yo, yo! Huh! Yo! "
  • No Equal - Beatnuts, The
    "Beatnuts, The Intoxicated Demons No Equal (number one Competition is none) --> rakim [ verse 1: ju-ju ] Niggas got me steamin, bout to flip my lid Fuck around, and i proceed to blow your back out, kid (boom!)"
  • No Equal - The Beatnuts
    "Rakim: (Number One Competition is none) Ju-Ju: Niggas got me steamin, bout to flip my lid Fuck around, and I proceed to blow your back out, kid (Boom!) Not to say I'm on a violent tip But my hand stays"
  • No Equal - Beatnuts
    "(Number One Competition is none) --> Rakim [ VERSE 1: Ju-Ju ] Niggas got me steamin, bout to flip my lid F**k around, and I proceed to blow your back out, kid (Boom!) Not to say I'm on a violent tip But"

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