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. Sex In the Lounge

  • Lounge - Regina Spektor
    "I don't care that flowers grow for you and me...and meYou don't know what love is till you see her standing thereA web of skin and nails and hairAnd bones and bonesAnd thoughts rush in andArch your head,"
  • Lounge - Modest Mouse
    "He don't remember How it got there He had a # written on his forearm It spelled disaster He entered the clubscene All hoping, all hoping for dancing He was lookin' a'lookin' so stunning his clothes"
  • Lounge - Eminem
    "I never meant to Give you mushrooms girl I never meant to Bring you to my world And now you're lying in the corner Crying (Cheers and applause) I never meant to give you mushrooms girl i never meant"
  • The Lounge - Nappy Roots
    "Yeah you done, you know what im sayin'? we fixing to eat ya dig? And mama's in there foolin with that sweet potato pie - but I told her she need to hold off cause this boy want watermelon chicken and"
  • Lounge Lizzard - Mott The Hoople
    "(Ian Hunter) Well I picked her up on a Saturday night She's a Pool Hall poison but it smelt all right Oh ma, what a sight when I saw her in the light of day She was a Speakeasy sleazer of the lowest degree You"
  • Lounge Dummy - Kinky Machine
    "I wanna be a lounge dummy And watch the world from my settee Cos I'm so cute, they're so ugly Remote control makes my heart bleed Religion and beauty queens Come on down the refugees Cos money grows on"
  • Starlight Lounge - Reverend Horton Heat
    "French fried shoe strings on a drunken cellar door. If these walls could talk, I'd listen to the floor. The bar stools proppin' up a twenty dollar whore, recantin' recitations from a lonesome tale of"
  • Ruby's Lounge - Brenda Lee
    "Ruby's lounge was none too clean The lights never worked on the pinball machine The sawdust floor hadn't been swept in years Brass spittoons and padded stools The same collection of half drunk fools Joking"
  • Lounge Lizard - Ian Hunter
    "(Ian Hunter) Well I picked her up on a Saturday night Pool hall poison but she felt alright Oh dear what a sight when I saw her in the light of day She was a speakeasy sleazer of the highest degree Oh"
  • Moonlight Lounge - Alabama
    "Flattop guitar, down around the campfire You can smell that hickory burnin' Catfish fryin', onions got us cryin' Hush puppies they're a turnin' Friends and kin comin' down the hill Trippin' in the ole"
  • Adios Lounge - Tom Waits
    "I know an oldtimer Just a nickel-and-dimer(1) At the bar down the Adios Lounge And for whiskey and smokes Recites poems and jokes But he's not just your average clown And he's entertaining nightly Down"
  • Lounge fly - Stone Temple Pilots
    "It's ok, it's ok, ok relieve me pins in me, pins in me, in me you kill me the lounge fly the lounge fly The fly you bring me I think I'm free but the dogs they won't release me I can't give what I take"
  • Loser's Lounge - Ringo Starr
  • Lounge In Formation - The Action Design
    "Sitting and waiting for something entertaining to flow from a glowing screen washing right over your brain like a sickening sludge Lounge in formation loss of sensation What is the point of working all"
  • Claremont Lounge - Bubba Sparxxx
    "(feat. Killer Mike, Cool Breeze) Haha, yeah It is I (it is I) I don't know 'bout all that other shit, can't call that But beside this motherfucker right here This motherfuckin boo Hey that's me all"
  • Therapy lounge - One Hit Wonder
    "The fit doesn't seem to matter, La is a new pair of shoes 4:29 watching tv Cameras roll at Floreance and Normanndie No sitcoms, talkshows or movies Got the televised beating of Reggie D. (chorus) It isn't"
  • Unlucky Lounge - Tilt
    "Bad ventilation duration of a beer Commonplace shithouse drown my fear This whiskey goes down easy Smooth as a sow's ear Belly up suck another You're in the clear Everyday deception Faking a motive A"
  • Transit Lounge - Crowded House
    "Talk to her, that's right It could mean more than you think Talk to her, that's right And you don't have to lose a thing Leave the boots and saddle outside You could make her happy again Laugh about the"
  • Missouri Lounge - Penelope Houston
    "When I heard you were in town I was drinking in the blue Missouri Lounge Although I knew that it was wrong I couldn’t help myself I had to play our song Somebody else lies in your arms Someone is raking"
  • Ladies Lounge - Weddings Parties Anything
    "Jacky Howe, meet Jacky Howe You step up to the bar The conversation travels quick But it don't travel far The night so hot, the beer so cold So many stories told The right word in the wrong place And it's"

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