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.One Direction - Live While We're Young

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.One Direction - Live While We're Young

  • Live While You’re Young - One Direction
    "LIAM; Hey girl, I’m waiting on ya I’m waiting on ya Come on and let me sneak you out And have a celebration, a celebration The music’s up, the window’s down Zayn: Yeah, we’ll be doing what we do Just"
  • Live While We're Young - Little Mix
    "It’s now or never Don’t overthink just let it go And if we get together Yeah, get together Don’t let the pictures leave your phone oooo Yeah, we’ll be doing what we do Just pretending that we’re cool ....... Let's"
  • Forever Young - One Direction
    "Liam: Let's dance in style, let's dance for a while, Heaven can wait, we're only watching the skies, Hoping for the best but expecting the worst, Are you gonna drop the bomb or not? Harry: Let us die"
  • While We're Young - Perry Como
    "< instrumental opening > Songs were made to sing, While we're young. Every day is Spring, While we're young. None can refuse, Time flies so fast! Too dear to lose, An' too sweet to last! Though"
  • While We're Young - April March
    "Say it's time for love, It's time for thrill, And an adventure. Say you'll drive me away, Fast on the cliffs, And we'll be in danger. Tell me they'll be no fear As we walk to the edge, Stare at the void While"
  • Direction - The Cribs
    "I may be leaving, but it's okay To say what you're feeling, but baby not for free It's called direction So many times I can see That the way that you are is rubbing off on me It's called direction Did"
  • While We're Still Young - Poco
    "Out in the night, lovers hold hands as they stake out the light Sirens scream as they rush out of sight We whisper plans and promise to love for as long as we can We'll make this night the night it began While"
  • We're The Young - McFly
    "Listen! We've got a situation There always putting us down We are the generation Can't keep us underground Is it my imagination Or do you feel good Were on a one way mission We can take it all down We"
  • While You Live - Adrian Orange
    "They can tear down the monuments of the sentiments of our past. We can forget our childhoods and kill all our moments. But before you die, I'll play you the song I sang through your open window that one"
  • One (Live) - Busta Rhymes
    "hat I'm gonna do with Erykah Badu I'm gonna have some fun What do you consider fun? Fun, natural fun I said what I'm gonna do with my man Buster Rhymes I'm gonna have some fun What do you consider fun? Fun,"
  • As long as we're young - Jeanette
    "Tell me babe I wanna know why you're out of your mindNothing else matters cause we're young and we're two of a kindSo get your boogie down cause we're back in townWe're gonna party till the break of the"
  • We're Famous - Aesop Rock
    "I brought that genuine shit in '96 Before you knew the underground or independent existed I watched the whole scene straight jump on the dick After stepping to KCR lit and flexing my shit No gun talk,"
  • No Direction - Bad Religion
    "A sullen figure walks along a dusty road His life was holy and he couldn't bear the Load He left his people and simple life behind He raised his torso and he looked into the sky Shouting his questions,"
  • Same Direction - Hoobastank
    "Whenever i step outside, somebody claims to see the light It seems to me that all of us have lost our patience. 'cause everyone thinks they're right, And nobody thinks that there just might Be more than"
  • Live Like We're Dying - The Script
    "Sometimes we fall down and cant get back up we're hiding behind skin thats to tough how come we dont say I love you enough till its to late, its not too late Our hearts are hungry for a food that wont"
  • Direction - The Toasters
    "Too mnay people tell me What to do and how to be I got 97 channels but there's nothing on TV Information superhighway Modem is on full May as well hotwire a socket Right into my skull Direction! Direction!"
  • Direction - The Starting Line
    "Awwww, Break down! I was breaking sweats in the night-time I was growing my hair And I could not care What they think Cause my eyes were turned up Like you tore open the ceiling I've been singing songs"
  • One Time Young - 3 Feet Smaller
    "I don't give a shit about If it's right or not allowed Living at the same way like you Makes me proud I'm the black sheep of the family The maverick of the football team I'm greatful for what I am And"
  • Young Ones - Cliff Richard
    "The young ones Darling, we're the young ones And the young ones Shouldn't be afraid To live, love While the flame is strong For we may not be The young ones very long Tomorrow Why wait until tomorrow 'Coz"
  • Forever Young - Laura Branigan
    "(Marian Gold/Frank Mertens/Bernhard Lloyd) Let's dance in style let's dance for a while Heaven can wait we're only watching the skies Hoping for the best but expecting the worst Are you gonna drop the"

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