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06 - Archive - Half Built Houses

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06 - Archive - Half Built Houses

  • Half Built Houses - Archive
    "Half built are houses Half built are walls in this shade Never completed nevr made into a home Half kitchen tables Half understanding of my love for you Can't ignore feelings Can't ignore all these signs Sings"
  • Paper Houses - Niall Horan
    "In this house of broken hearts We made our love out of stacks of cards And yes, we tried to hold on tight 'Cause we knew our love was hard to find And our paper houses reach the stars 'Til we break"
  • Nine Houses - Seals and Crofts
    "(lyrics and music by James Seals & Dash Crofts, 1969) From the album DIAMOND GIRL (1973). Nine houses that faith built, and all of us, all of us abuse them. Nine houses that faith built, and all of us,"
  • Two Houses - Gross Paul
    "Don't call me for supper if you don't mean to feed me Don't tell me you love me with that gun in your hand Cause I fall down dumbfounded In the face of your beauty Yeah, one look from you and I am a fool In"
  • Safe As Houses - Stiff Little Fingers
    "She makes a home and she stays mum About the things she might have done She keeps her eyes firm on the ground To set her own life Makes up her face and not her mind To be a wife There was a time away"
  • Safe As Houses - China Crisis
    "Safe as houses built on quicksand Because I place my trust In small time tricksters comin' on crooks I know the strain of day to day Busy, busy, everybody I've seen the strangest times It's far from noticed Busy,"
  • 06 - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "Miss Nightly spikes my carpet with her heels Then tears her beard off Wrestles with my nervous pillow 'Til it squeals I turn the light off Asked me "Would you like to know just how this feels?" Rather"
  • 06 - Nag
    "Piękny gorący słoneczny dzień Dzień w którym warto rozłożyć się Przed chwilą wstałem i zawirowałem Ostatniej nocy za dużo świrowałem Niezła balanga i totalna gleba Ruszam dupę w poszukiwaniu chleba Powszedniego"
  • Built To Last - Ann Beretta
    "Too right, too left In the middle is a safety bet But you know I won't let me let you down Half mast, beat past I might laugh first but I won't laugh last And you know I won't let me let you down Built"
  • Built To Last - Kottonmouth Kings
    "YOu gonna hit some weed up in the mother fucker?!?! DJ Bobby B..D-D-D-LOC Time keeps on slidin through that hour glass-I-I need to rip another vapor blast- Why do all these people keep on talkin trash-"
  • Built For This - Method Man / Freddie Gibbs / StreetLife
    "I’m straight check me out Sort of like Malcolm at the.. they callin for me, my time is money no automor see baffle bar I keep it pushing no aura and or no far and bro’s and no promotion for parent car the"
  • Houses - Great Northern
    "The end begins just as it starts, And leaves me wondering what we left behind. Told me not to talk but please explain My thoughts that float around my mind So take a step back will you Be alright, feel"
  • Half Man, Half Machine - Goldie Lookin Chain
    "Binatone Spectrum, Pacman, Commodore ZX-81, donkey kong, fucking high score Push it to the limit, couldn't push it any more Wanna be a fucking robot after smoking loads of draw Bought a speak and spell,"
  • Half Man Half Machine - Outkast
    "..tone Spectrum, Pacman, Commodore ZX-81, donkey kong, fucking high score Push it to the limit, couldn't push it any more Wanna be a fucking robot after smoking loads of draw Bought a speak and spell,"
  • Built Upon The Graves - Arkangel
    "Emissaries of demons slit the defenseless in an act of barbarity. Sharp knives give the final embrace in a pool of red. Deathtools forged in the flames of scorn. Non human animals die in the name"
  • Jesus Built My Hotrod - Ministry
    "Soon I discovered that this rock thing was true Jerry Lee Lewis was the devil Jesus was an architect previous to his career as a prophet All of a sudden, I found myself in love with the world So there"
  • 6:06 - Olavi Uusivirta
    "Et ollut klassisella tavalla kaunis Mutta maalasit varjoja seiniin Ja olit jokaisella tavalla kaunis En osannut maalata Mutta se ei ollut trke Kun olin muuten arvoituksellinen 6:06, Somerjoki soi Mit jos"
  • Nationaldag (06/06/2001) - Viking
    "Det r nationaldag/ Det skulle vara en vacker dag/ Men jag r hr knbjd/ framfr mitt land, framfr mitt folk// Jag mste be om urskt, om frtroende/ Jag vet det finns ingen frltelse/ Men en starkare kamp/ Bara"
  • Half-Way There - Slapp Happy
    "He's only half-way there, he's only half-way there. Told me my fortune was enough for me that I would rather be lying lonely in the houses that stand along the river-side, wearing nothing but the ruby"
  • Half A Heart - Barenaked Ladies
    "Drunk on wine, I'm amazing Bitter Pill; it's my raising News at five and at midnight Caught on tape; serves me right The crowd around me starts to grow I can feel the undertow Anyone with a half"

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