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1 Hour of Japanese Instrumental Music

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1 Hour of Japanese Instrumental Music

  • Hour - Kjartan Salvesen
    "Verse 1: Every day I wake up. Every day I know. That if we ever should brake up I couldn't live, I would miss you so. And more than anything to me Your my little girl, you light up my world. And everything"
  • Visions (instrumental) - Savatage
    "black is the night Satan laughing with delight he's calling you to be a servant of his voodoo when the hour strikes 13 listen to the spirits as they scream your name beware - guard your soul Sodom is"
  • Harmonic Instrumental - Arcwelder
    "(music arcwelder, words s macdonald) Now the closets are empty used to be full Empty lover standing where once there was a soul Touch down come down You can lose your footing when you chase after a"
  • Japanese Girl - Dj Mystic
    "SeeSee that The sun just rised from the seaKiss me and glide you with the souls running freeI wont forget your my girl from japanSay - that you will always be part of my life Please let the flowers of"
  • Tomadoi Bitter Tune (Instrumental) - Himemiya Milan
    "BREAK DOWN ... Do ... Do Do Do ... Bitter Tune ... {{Translation|Japanese}} ==Romanized Japanese== Habun nara agenai subete ubatte hoshii Saitei de mo kamawanai"
  • Instrumental - Curl Up And Die
    "She kisses like cough syrup when I have a cold. but we're not in love, we're just alone. Like a drug company's overdose. Trying to replace our heads with holes. We're missing days and spending weeks. Only"
  • Instrumental - Earthling
    "(I want you to know this) (I want you to know) (I want you to know this) (I want you to know) (I want you to know this) (I want you to know) I want you to know sometimes It feels like the last time The"
  • Down Where We Belong (instrumental take 1) - Wumpscut
    "There are two types of men on our Mother Earth Some have all the luck some just live in dirt Here are several types of the colour of the skin But what's crucial is to lose or win You feel so alive where"
  • Wildwood Flower (Instrumental) - Hank Thompson
    "WILDWOOD FLOWER Writer A.P. Carter Oh, I'll twine with my mingles and waving black hair With the roses so red and the lilies so fair. And the myrtle so bright, with the emerald hue, The pale and the leader"
  • Stalin Malone(Instrumental) - Elvis Costello
    "I'm going to make you even fear the dream you dream So don't even think about it don't make a wish You think that I don't see you as you trawl those young weak fish Hooked on those poor wonders, 'til they"
  • Music Hour - Porno Graphiti
    "Kono bangumi de wa minna no RIKUESUTO wo omachi shite imasu Suteki na koi no EPISOODO to isshoni DAIYARU wo shite Koko de oHAGAKI wo ittsuu RAJIO NEEMU* "koi suru USAGI" chan "Naze hito wo suki ni naru"
  • Music Hour - Porno Graffitti
    "Kono bangumi dewa minna no RIKUESUTO wo omachi shite imasu Suteki na koi no EPISOODO to issho ni DAIYARU wo shite Koko de ohagaki wo ittsuu R.N "koisuru USAGI" chan "Naze hito wo suki ni naru to konna"
  • Japanese To English - Red House Painters
    "i went as far as losing sleep i went as far as messing up my life unloving still strike me different a million miles away from home and fifteen from a payphone where we sat lonely on the sand you're"
    "Alright...Japanese Cowboy, take it... Straight in from... fuck it.... 1, 2, 3, 4, oh! Like a Japanese cowboy or a brother on skates Like a blizzard in Georgia or a train runnin' late I call out your"
  • Radio Ga Ga (12" Instrumental Version) - Queen
    "I'd sit alone and watch your light My only friend through teenage nights And ev'rything I had to know I heard it on my radio You gave them all those old time stars Through wars of worlds - invaded by"
  • Music - Angela Aki
    "Can you hear the music? Can you hear the music? Can you hear the music in love? Can you hear the music? I hear the music I hear the music now {{Translation|Japanese}} ==Romanized"
  • Music - Starlight Dragons
    "This song is about music Ay,ay,yeah C'mon (Chorus) Dance to the music Music is in the sound Music keeps you off the ground Music bounds you down Music keeps the beat So I can hit my feet C'mon"
  • #1 - Joe Budden
    "Joey! Let's go back in the days before your present Back when it was a little more pleasent Before I knew this rap shit would ever lure me in Let's go back like Mike Fox in the Delorean Back in the day"
  • Hour Of Need - April Wine
    "April Wine Attitude Hour Of Need (myles goodwyn/additional lyrics by lisa blond) Published by mfg sing sing music/socan - ascap Shadows closin' in on me But through the darkness i can see Your face is"
  • Bravin' Bad Brew (Instrumental) - Riryka
    "Voice I'm in the hell I'm in the fate I'm break out (x4) Bravin' my heart I'm break out (x4) Wing Bravin' Bad Brew I'm break out (x9) Bravin' my heart Bravin' Bad"

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