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  • Hour - Kjartan Salvesen
    "Verse 1: Every day I wake up. Every day I know. That if we ever should brake up I couldn't live, I would miss you so. And more than anything to me Your my little girl, you light up my world. And everything"
  • Rush Hour - Happy Hardcore
    "its so good, its so, its so, its, its so good repeat x 8 suddenly somethings coming over me, im so dizzy i cant see cant make out the forest from the trees heart is beating faster now, as the traffics"
  • Starlit Hour - Glenn Miller
    "THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC The Glenn Miller Orchestra Written by: Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer #1 week of May 29, 1943 That old black magic has me in its spell, That old black magic that you weave so well. Those"
  • Twenty Hour Drive - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "Yeah! Now it's falling around you pickup the pieces you know they wont fit tear drops are falling down like rain ocean water around you I see it coming round again, I know now I realize that I'll be fine and"
  • Highway 1 - Foxboro Hot Tubs
    "I'm on a midnight death trip. I'm on a mission from God. A stolen car and a death wish. To hell on Highway 1 Four on the floor, a hundred miles per hour. I'm gonna fly til the tires can't fly no more. C'mon! I've"
  • Waltz 1 - Elliot Smith
    "Oooh... Everytime the day darkens down And goes away, pictures open in my head of me and you Silent and clich all the things We did and did't say Covered up, by what we did and didn't do Going through Every"
  • 1-19 - Lacuna Coil
    "Ray of light annoying as a cold breath in the eyes Water falls down Lights around are flashing And in meat a razorblade Water falls down Seems to be the day (I cannot handle this) Listen to the music in"
  • Movin' 1 - Gordon Lightfoot
    "Everybody's movin', movin' across the town, The skyline grows and the cut of the clothes, Is enough to turn you around. Oh, oh the future is just an hour away, And the hearts of youth are aflame, Everybody's"
  • Number 1 - Big Bang
    "(Can you feel it?) Let's go. (Ah ah, Uh) Can you feel it? Hey! Let me introduce myself (Big Bang, Yeah) Are you ready for the show? I'll be ready in an hour Jump in the shower Crisp and clean Now"
  • 15 After Da' Hour - Timbaland
    "Run the track Ooh it's it's so funky (yes it is) It's it's so funky (15 after da hour baby) Ooh it's it's so funky (something always happens) It's it's so funky Ooh it's it's so funky (it's oh so funky) It's"
  • 15 After da hour - Timbaland
    "Ooh, it's it's so funky (it's oh so funky)It's it's so funky (check it out)Ooh, it's it's so funky (Maganoo and Timbaland, check it out in stores)Timbaland:It's about 5:15 got a call from Weezie WestTimbaland"
  • 85 Bucks An Hour - Insane Clown Posse
    "Chillin at the Studio Chillin at the Studio 85 bucks an hour So hurry up and loop a beat Mike, come on! I'm Violent J, but my homies call me shithead But that's my homies To you I'm Violent J bitch I"
  • 85 Bucks an hour - Twiztid
    "Chillin at the studio Chillin at the studio $85 bucks an hour So hurry up and loop a beat Mike, come on! I'm Violent J, but my homies call me shithead But that's my homies To you I'm Violent J bitch I"
  • Rule No. 1 - Freya
    "Rule No. 1 Kiss ... Smile ... Dance ... The movie was boring - it was (a) clich The plot was confusing - nothing to say The acting was plastic - the ending absurd And three hours later We left with"
  • Syn. Kill 1 - Annihilator
    "Kill for god, and I kill for power For propaganda, the news hour You know my cause so don't turn your Back you see my anger, fear my attack Assassinate kidnap and murder, I will terrify The death"
  • 1-900-SHEILA - Cledus T. Judd
    "Cledus T. Juss/Bruce Burch/Vern Dant, La-Po Music (BMI)/Bruce Burch Music (SESAC)/Music Genesis (ASCAP) He-he-he-he-he lets see here now...one...nine hunderd... Hm-hm-hm boy, I sure hope I get a purdy'n."
  • 1% - Doomsday...Now! - The Black League
    "Oh yeah... Oh yeah?... Oh yeah!...Goddammit!!! Long years of labour Endless months of rain I 've been walking down that road With a good deal of nothing to gain I've learnt my lesson now, I've learnt"
  • 1 of 4... - Aesop Rock
    "My name is Ian Mathias BavitzI was born in 1-9-7-6, at Biosfet hospital, located in Long Island, NYI am 6 foot, four I weigh 2-0-0 poundsI have brown hair and green eyesI enjoy writing songs, painting,"
  • Temptation Pt. 1 - Fat Joe
    "(Beat Novacane!) Lord forgive me temptation to kill But I gotta give these crackheads the definition of real Motherfucker die - don't look in my eye Take this wit'cha nigga, tell the devil I sent ya "
  • Hour Follows Hour - Ani DiFranco
    "hour follows hour like water follows water everything is governed by the rule of one thing leads to another you can't really place blame cuz blame is much to messy some was bound to get on you while you"

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