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10 beatow

  • 10 - Brandon Hines
    "Im ready Are you ready too babe Count It out, Count It Out It's slowly taking over me The feeling that my mind just can't beat Never thought we'd be You and me all alone Do you think that this is"
  • 1 beat 10 stylów rapowania - Bro
    "WSTAWKA: Je, aha, okej (Numer 1) Wiele osób o mnie piszę w sieci a mi za to wpada tutaj znów sub wygrywamy sobie internety odkąd wjechaliśmy z tym na youtube, nowy filmik sobie znowu wleci, a ja przez"
  • 1 Beat 10 stylów rapowania! - B.R.O
    "(Yo)(Aha)(Okay!) Wiele osób o mnie pisze w sieci a mi za to wpada tutaj znów sub wygrywamy sobie internety od kąt wjechaliśmy z tym na youtube nowy filmik sobie znowu wleciał przez te okno zrobie puk puk"
  • 10 Knots - D:a:d
    "My kitchen floor started cracking And out jumped a man Big, red and horny I was shaking the devil's hand You've got hell of a reputation And that's the name of my game And I've been digging all night 'Cause"
  • 10% Dis - MC Lyte
    "(11 seconds of audio collage at the intro) *mc lyte's voice gradually fades in* Hot damn, hot damn, hot damn, hot damn Hot damn! hot damn hoe, here we go again Suckers steal a beat, when you know they"
  • Gemein wie 10 - Bushido
    "ich hre jeden tag das irgend jemand irgend was hat irgend jemand irgend etwas aus irgend 'ner stadt irgend wann wusste ich scheiss auf die,die irgend was haben irgend wo ber mich reden, damit sie irgendwas"
  • 10 Minute High - Groove Theory
    "She She doesn't need it but she won't try Try to release it Cause she thinks she'll die Depending on it for it she'll lie It's only a 10 minute high Eyes That witnessed a father beat on a mother Witnessed"
  • 3 To 10 - Lucky Boys Confusion
    "It's 3 to 10 the pigs are here Give me 10 seconds to slam my beers No wounded soldiers kill them all The pigs found me in a bathroom stall They called me an addict, fucking alcoholic Now I got bread and"
  • Fuck Mack 10 - The Relativez
    "Uh I'm really not a rapper man I don't know why these niggas be bumpin' their guns Just another spread of the hustle Streets forced me to do this shit so fuck it (say that, say that) The preacer's at"
  • 10 - Blonde Redhead
    "Who else is new i want to believeThe way you do i still can't seeLove love love love that's all it isTry my lines try my tricksWhy be artistic look at me to be linguistic to be domesticLemme imagine this"
  • 10 - Muff Potter
    "ch fhlte mich schon seit Wochen so leer. Da dachte ich das es doch eigentlich ziemlich spitze wr, Muff darber zu schreiben, dass in mir nichts tut. Ich fing gleich an, das heit ich hab's versucht. Potter"
  • 10 - Nag
    "Nie mogę zrozumieć zasad rządzących tym światem Gdzie biedny się wije a bogaty jest katem Gdzie prawie każdy przegina pałę Żeby coś zdobyć i mieć to na stałe Nieważne jak i jakim kosztem A coraz więcej"
  • 10/10 - Ugly Kid Joe
    "written by Ugly Kid Joe Hey, do you finally see it Wait, we are there Fate, refuse to believe it May, I don't care Ten outta ten die Framed, we'll try to escape it Safe, it ain't fair Wait, we'll try"
  • 10 10 - Ugly Kid Joe
    "Hey, do you finally see it Wait, we are there Fate, refuse to believe it May, I don't care Ten outta ten die Framed, we'll try to escape it Safe, it ain't fair Wait, we'll try to achieve it May, I don't"
  • 10/10 - Paolo Nutini
    "All the people wanna try you girl, And I hope you tell them where to go, Cus I've got so much here to offer girl, Oh I love you more than you can know Some people wanna speed it up, Infact I want to slow"
  • Badd Beat - Gatsbys American Dream
    "We'll book this tour and it'll be oh so good But we're gonna steal your guarantee oh steer clear we're on a wicked path we've got plans Wicked Plans And it's the least we can do because we gotta get ours"
  • 10 Seconds To Countdown - Modern Talking
    "You are the best - for all of times You beat the rest - you're in my mind Don't take away - this dream in me Don't leave me here in misery You are the best - from coast to coast From east to west - love"
  • Shawty is a 10 - The Dream
    "Shawty Rock To The Beat For Ya Boy Shawty Do It Rock To The Beat For Ya Boy Radio Killa,Killa,Killa Shawty Fly, Shawty Tight Shoulda Stayed There All Night With You (You) With You I Missed Ya, Picked"
  • Humbled (Luke 18: 10-14 - Crimson Thorn
    "Satan knows your weaknesses, HE knows just how to tempt you You'll get hit at your weakest moment, Fall into sin again and again Then depression sets in, you feel so bad that you've fallen again You feel"
  • Beat The System - Petra
    "Words and music by Bob Hartman Based on Romans 8:37, Mark 10:31, Matthew 10:39 Caught in the undertow being swept downstream Going against the flow seems like such a dream Trying to hold your ground"

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